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Jul 10

On the Issue of SB 206

It’s not often that something affects me so deeply that I cry angry tears. It’s not often that I have to blog about things for fear that I might strangle people with their rosaries, but here were are.

While I was preparing for and spending 4 glorious but hot days in Minnesota, the politicians back in my own home were passing a bill that would mandate ultrasounds for women who want abortions. Not only that, but a provision that abortion providers must be located within certain distance from a hospital to which the clinic can admit patients.

Most of my home state is pretty rural. In fact, we have very few Planned Parenthood clinics, and these are some of the only places where you can get an abortion in Wisconsin. There are only three cities that even have  clinics that perform abortions, among other family planning services. I have access to another family planning clinic in my home town, but I’d have to drive over an hour for an abortion.

Thanks to SB 206, I’ll be required to drive three or more hours for an abortion. There are no more clinic north of Madison. That’s 70% of the state.  At this point, I would likely be subjected to a vaginal ultrasound and, thanks to this bill, my doctor would be required to describe the features of the fetus.

While I was away having fun, the GOP and Governor Walker were working together to tear apart my state. I cannot imagine what the thought process is like. Did something so horrible occur to these people that they hate women? Are they simply too ignorant to realize how misogynistic these laws are? Are members of the GOP so sheltered that they truly do not understand the consequences of their actions?

I have no idea. I also had no idea it was happening. In ten short days, this bullshit all passed through senate. As soon as I found out, I found a couple petitions against SB 206.

I signed them, and so should you.

Because this is ridiculous. It’s in direct conflit with Roe V Wade. It’s sexist. It’s the patriarchy trying to control my life, literally, from the inside out.

Dec 01

No Thank You

It’s been quiet around here, sorry. Things in my life are still turbulent but in a weirdly boring way and not very entertaining. Except for this conversation I had with Wendy regarding Lego Batman:

Me: You can use the Penguin’s umbrella as a gun and it makes him float through the air, too.
Wendy: That doesn’t make any sense! He’s too heavy to float.
Me: Out of all of the unrealistic things that could possibly bother you in this game, you pick that?!

Anyway, we hung out at Mom’s on Thanksgiving and despite her feeding nearly 20 people, it went really well–for the most part. There’s always some family drama and this year was no exception but I was able to help Mom out a lot and spend time with Samantha and that’s all that counts.

I have adjusted quite well to the weather, despite having a persistent cough left over from a cold my second week here. We had some chilly days that week, in the single digits, but it’s surprisingly warm tonight and rained all day today. It’s amazing to me that it could be warm enough here for rain at the end of November. It’s also more than amusing when I want to go for a walk and Wendy or someone else whines because it’s too cold. Hello?! Who spent most of the year in Texas? That’s right, bitches. I’m hardcore like that.

This post is winding up being rather incoherent but writing it has made me smile. I just want to say that I hope you have been well and I am grateful for you to be reading this. I’ve probably never been as thankful as I was this Thanksgiving.

Nov 04

Remember, Remember the fourth of November

As I type this, Wendy and I are watching V for Vendetta. We are a day off, oops. It’s actually the first time I have watched the movie. It has been several days since many of you have heard of me and I assure you that I am not avoiding you–simply been busy moving across the country, cleaning my former apartment, applying for a new one and making all the calls that are necessary when performing a major life transition.

In between, I’ve been trying to spend time catching up on sleep, catching up with work and meeting up with friends and family. To be honest, I haven’t seen many people but there is no rush now.

So how is it, you ask?

Pretty awesome. I’ve adjusted to the cold better than I thought I would have. I bought an awesome new coat. It’s actually been warmer than expected. I walked a couple places yesterday and it was quite enjoyable. People I passed greeted me and drivers even yielded to me!

The kitties were amazing. They weren’t happy and I certainly wasn’t when I had to hold them in the San Antonio airport while the TSA agents scanned the carriers but, all in all, things went well. My last flight on Monday night actually got in 10 minutes early! And they haven’t killed Wendy’s cats or vice versa.

So now we are just waiting to see if we can get an apartment and them moving her stuff over there. It’s a lot of stuff and I’m not sure if I am ready to move so soon. My body has just gotten over being exhausted and I’m still bruised all over. I shaved my legs this morning and it only makes the bruises stand out.

Anyhoo, I’m alive. I miss you guys. I’d update more but I can’t access the Internet or send/receive picture messages on my phone right now. I’m trying to get that figured out.

Feb 16

Local colour

Being away from central Wisconsin has allowed me to grow unaccustomed of the way things are done here. On the one hand, that means I have had an opportunity to see how things are done differently elsewhere and by people other than my family. I have and continue to grow away from bad habits. And when the way we do things has proven effective, I can see that, too. Really, there’s almost no negative to growth.

And there is nothing really awful (although, it is quite dramatic and stressful; I wouldn’t be remiss to call it dysfunctional) about being back here in what I used to call “home” and, yet, there’s nothing I really want to return to, either. The local culture just isn’t me, anymore. It’s blue collar. It’s small town/city. It’s everyone-knows-everyone else. It’s a situation and a place which I can respect. People work hard to take care of their families. They make do without complaining because they know that what they have is better than having nothing at all. And there is nothing wrong with that. It’s just someplace I don’t want to return to after having gotten a taste of the world.

And. having had that taste, I want to give it to everyone else, too, so we can all be motivated to do better.

Feb 08

Something’s missing

The fact that having no winter means I don’t get to break out into a crisp spring day. There is no freedom or release from the frozen atmosphere. No green shoots popping up from beneath the snow. There is no first day without a coat. There is nothing to break up the monotony of this weather. It’s pretty much the same 50 – 75% of the year. It’s not just a lack of snow. It’s a lack of life as I know it and it’s disheartening.

I’m sorry Texas, I could never love you.

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