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Nov 09

First Snow

I woke up this morning, peaked out the window and saw an inch or so of snow. I remembered Mom saying we were due some and promptly went back to sleep for a couple hours. When I finally woke, there was more snow — a few inches — and it was still going. I have to admit it was pretty, at first at least. Snow as wet as this quickly turns into slush (eww), which it did. It’s supposed to warm up in the next few days so I’m sure this will all melt. It’s right on time, though. I always expect the first snow right around Wendy’s birthday, which is tomorrow!

Jul 05

Things I Like and Others I Don’t

I am enjoying the new WordPress dashboard. It’s sleeker, prettier. It seems to load faster and the updated admin bar is much more useful.

I am not enjoying the heat. It’s not even that hot here but my room is the warmest in the house. I wake up sweating and, if I want to do anything more than sit on the couch (and even just to do that, really) I have to turn on the air conditioning. We have a single “window” unit built into the wall. Unfortunately, the roommate doesn’t ever get hot so she’s always turning it off, not understanding the concept is not just to cool you off when you’re in a room but to reduce the overall temperature over time.

I enjoyed a very busy Thursday through Saturday with friends and family and now I’m enjoying having time to myself. As I’ve caught up with most of the television shows that I watch and there aren’t any new movies for me to procure, I have more time for putzing online, entering giveaways, reading and playing games on my devices. It’s much more relaxed.

I seriously dislike stupid article rewrite requests. Lately, I feel as though people who have never used the Internet or a computer before are editing my tech beta articles. If we have to assume that the reader has a basic grasp of the subject, I would think we can assume the same of the editors but, nope. I am constantly explaining things that they should know before they even accept an article to review. It seems like they expect it to be easy but they’re wasting my time and theirs.

I am super excited over my recent giveaways at Reviews by Cole. My giveaway for the Medium Next Door was moderately successful, compared to previous giveaways but my Bath and Body Works giveaway hasn’t even been up a day and I have almost three dozen entries. It’s fantastic. I recently won a giveaway myself so that’s also exciting.

I’m frustrated at Goliath for constantly scratching at carpet next to my bedroom door. I don’t know why he does it but I do know that sprays don’t help. I have covered the area with paper and duct tape — duct tape — but he still tries to get at it. It’s stupidly frustrating and I hate being angry with him. Perhaps it’s time to try Soft Paws again..

And to end this on a positive note, I’ve had very good luck shopping for new clothes and finding clothes that fit. I feel pretty confident in that area and with my weight loss, even though I haven’t been pursuing it that actively. It’s reassuring either way.

Dec 01

No Thank You

It’s been quiet around here, sorry. Things in my life are still turbulent but in a weirdly boring way and not very entertaining. Except for this conversation I had with Wendy regarding Lego Batman:

Me: You can use the Penguin’s umbrella as a gun and it makes him float through the air, too.
Wendy: That doesn’t make any sense! He’s too heavy to float.
Me: Out of all of the unrealistic things that could possibly bother you in this game, you pick that?!

Anyway, we hung out at Mom’s on Thanksgiving and despite her feeding nearly 20 people, it went really well–for the most part. There’s always some family drama and this year was no exception but I was able to help Mom out a lot and spend time with Samantha and that’s all that counts.

I have adjusted quite well to the weather, despite having a persistent cough left over from a cold my second week here. We had some chilly days that week, in the single digits, but it’s surprisingly warm tonight and rained all day today. It’s amazing to me that it could be warm enough here for rain at the end of November. It’s also more than amusing when I want to go for a walk and Wendy or someone else whines because it’s too cold. Hello?! Who spent most of the year in Texas? That’s right, bitches. I’m hardcore like that.

This post is winding up being rather incoherent but writing it has made me smile. I just want to say that I hope you have been well and I am grateful for you to be reading this. I’ve probably never been as thankful as I was this Thanksgiving.

Feb 23


I’m in San Antonio now, staying with a friend, and relieved to be away from the stress and drama of home. I enjoyed some warmer weather the first day or so but today is a bit cooler and we’ve even seen some flakes. Of course, it’s nothing I can’t handle and I took a nice walk today, the first long and leisurely walk I’ve had in some time. I definitely feel better and not just because of the walk.

I was sad to leave friends and family, especially because I was no able to see (or see enough) some folks, but circumstances just were not enabling me to be the healthier person I want to be. Samantha is clingy enough as is but, as it turns out, I just could not handle that in my current state.

Plus, the fact that mom has someone living in her house and I had no idea, made things a little awkward. She has a lot of space but not a lot of furniture so I had to borrow an air mattress. I’m glad I was able to but it definitely was not the most comfortable of situations and people constantly made me feel like I was demanding unreasonable things and perhaps I was, given that I just decided to drop in, but I do not believe it is so unreasonable to prefer sleeping in a bed.

Mom has additional drama going on in her life, like everyone else I talked to. There was always gossip to be had and Wausau just seemed like a bubble keeping in the drama and crises and keeping out well adjusted-ness. It was frustrating from the start and it is easy to see where I developed some of my bad habits and it is good motivation to stop those habits and learn new ones (like being on time). I definitely am more appreciative of some of the differences I have experienced from Ryan and other people I’ve met since leaving home.

Home is a funny word. I do not think it is appropriate to call Wausau home anymore. San Antonio is not necessarily home either but I do appreciate all it has to offer a bit more (I guess I became accustomed to living in a bigger city, gasp!). For several years, home has been wherever Ryan is and facing the idea of life without him is a bit scary, especially now that I realize I do not necessarily want to return to the place I left almost 4 years ago. I suppose it’s all an opportunity. That’s the silver lining, right?However, my trip was not all a waste. I spent much time with Samantha and Wendy and was even able to see Ashley while she is in transit to their next duty station. I had a blast with my aunt and cousin, enjoyed some local food, and got to see the seasons changing which is something San Antonio definitely lacks. The wrap things up, Wendy and I drove to Appleton on my last full day to visit the history Museum (which has a Houdini feature), an occult-y store and the mall. We ate in a cute little pub which is supposedly haunted and enjoyed wandering around downtown. The day ended on a good note as we pulled into town with the Numa Numa song playing in the background. You can’t ask for much more than that.

I’ve taken some time to relax and unwind which was definitely needed after my trip, even though it was shorter than I had planned and now I am just taking one day at a time.

Nov 27

Give Me a Break

As I sit here, eating warmed up apple pie (store bought and new ice cream but still good), I am quite warm. I just showered, put on pants and did dishes before the pie so you can see why. If I were not, I would grab a blanket while typing on the comp or lying on the couch and my chills would be over. Not so, says Ryan, the boy who registered for a free Snuggie some time ago. I guess it has been not 6 to 8 weeks yet so he spends all his time bothering me about how difficult life is without his Snuggie. Yea, right. Give me a break. Blankets do not need manuals and your hoodie is on the bedroom floor where it lives all “winter” long, thank-you-very-much.

I am against the very idea of the Snuggie because it’s ridiculously unnecessary and, even if you somehow couldn’t function without a blanket with sleeves, it’s essentially a backwards robe so walk to your bathroom, grab a robe and put it on backwards. Tada! It’s amazing, I know. So I am rather ashamed that my own husband has betrayed me, forsaken me for a Snuggie. I’ll have my revenge. I will!

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