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Nov 07


I never really consider myself a gamer but.. I do play video and computer games. If you’re interested, he’s the down low.

Maplestory is an adorable, 2D, sidescrolling MMORPG which I’ve played for a few years. I have 7 characters of my own and also tend to 4 on my sister’s account. I prefer playing ranged characters such as pirates or assassins and my two highest characters are a level 51 gunslinger (pirate) and 46 assassin.

Scribblenauts is the most recent addition to my gaming arsenal. The way it’s set up and drawn is deceptively simple; this is one puzzle game which is more difficult than it looks and requires a lot of creativity on my part. I recently wrote about it on Reviews by Cole.

Mario Kart is my long time favourite. I first played it on the Nintendo 64 as we never had an SNES. I loved playing with people who were right next to me and four people really was more fun than two. The racing premise is so basic but adding usable objects and unique tracks makes this game infinitely playable. I currently have the version for Nintendo DS which is just as fun. I love that I can play with others who have a DS; it totally evokes the good ol’ days.

I also play a shit-ton of games on Pogo. Scrabble, Battleship, Monopoly, Lottso Express, Boggle Bash, et cetera. Although, none of those are video games and I’m not entirely sure they’re computer games just because they’re available on the computer

Oct 05

The Ignorant and the Blind

Tonight we saw Blindness which was interesting and perhaps not as action packed as the trailers made it out to be. However, it was very intellectual and not a bad movie at all.

Ryan and I also had dinner with his mother at a nice Italian place with very good food and some deluxe pizzas. While we were dining, we left Phantom at Ryan’s parents where we had taken him over to show him off and introduce him to the dog, Misty. Although they are not best friends yet, it went better than expected.

We stopped first at Petsmart to have them trim Phantom’s nails where the adoption lady told us that he was one of two burn kitties. Some teenagers had put some kind of acid on Phantom and his sibling and when the Humane Society got them, they were all burned. It really makes me so sad because he is such a beautiful kitty and it either takes someone so cruel or stupid to do something like that. Luckily, he’s completely healed and still a very happy cat but just the idea makes me so upset. Grr!

Besides playing a lot of Lego Batman and arguing with Ryan over how he plays, life has been quiet.

Jun 18

A couple cool contests

Check out some of these opportunities to win stuff!

You can win a bag full of apparel from Market Leverage as well as a USB pen, Ipod Nano, $200 debit card and a flip camera from

MyLoonyVerse is offering a $20 gift card to or a subscription to

And, although I can’t use either prize, you might submit your best video game memory to win Xbox or Wii points!

For those who prefer the DS, you can win the system and crosswords game from An Ordinary Life.

Also, you can win cash and EntreCards from

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