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Jul 15

This Is a Blog About Dylan

My weirdo friend from across the state who plays Little Big Planet with me and answers all my questions about Pokemon and tells me that my butt is nice.

That is all.

Nov 11

Meow Meow Face

Meow Meow Face is Goliath’s new nickname. Yesterday, I mentioned how soft his fur was and if he conditioned and Wendy told me a story about Goliath’s activity.

You see, Goliath conditions his fur with sherbert that he purchases from the Cat Palace down the road. He steals money from me, sneaks out a tiny hole and walks to the palace. There, he buys his product, puts is in his pack and walks home. He conditions his fur with the cherry-flavored (but cat-scented) dessert in my tub and cleans it, so I won’t notice. He sneaks back out to recycle the tub.

The secret life of Meow Meow Face! Who knew?

Mar 22

I Want a Kite

I’ve never gone kite flying so I decided that this would be the year. I will buy a fancy kite or a kite that strikes my fancy and head to park on a windy day and try–or fail–to fly a kite. It doesn’t matter. Meaning is in the journey and all that. So here I am browsing the Internet for kites, figuring I’d find some pretty diamond one but, no, they all blow my damned mind!

Astro Star Rainbow Space Shuttle Kite Flying Spinner DragonDouble Vision Delta Ray Fish Vision Cool

Dec 03

In Which Cole Talks About Ryan

Monday, Ryan went in to the dentist and, by the time he left, had an appointment for Tuesday to have his wisdom teeth pulled. Talk about short notice but it was the only open slot if Ryan wanted to have it done before leaving the Air Force. I wasn’t super excited about driving back or waiting while he was in oral surgery but I did and survived the drive with no major mishaps. While waiting, I dived into another book and finished 150 pages. A good chunk, if I do say so myself.

After returning home, Ryan was plenty silly and using his gauze-stuffed mouth to say ridiculous things to make me laugh. He napped during the afternoon and goes back to work on Saturday. He keeps saying things like “There’s just so much room in my mouth now; I feel like I can take on the world.” I don’t understand but be careful, mmkay?

Anyway, I think I had more to say but I guess not. Tune in next time!

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