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Jun 08

How To Shop For Cole

I have been informed, on multiple occasions, that I am hard to shop for. Still, I run into things that are so obviously me every once in a while that I don’t know how others can’t look at these things and scream “Oh em gee. Like, I must totally get that for Cole.” Maybe they’re just not finding these things to begin with? I have no idea. Whatever. I’ve created this handy little guide to shopping for me so that the gifts you give me in the future don’t suck. You’re welcome.

Does it have LEDs?

Yes -> Looking good.

No -> Tread carefully.


Is it red or purple?

Yes -> Getting Closer

No -> Yellow sucks, dude.


Is it heart shaped?

Yes -> You’re doing well.

No -> Cole wuvs hearts )=


Does it pay homage to Mario, HTML, computers or other geekery?

Yes -> Hot, hot hot!

No > Meh


Is it fucking adorable?

Yes -> Good

Yes, just like Cole -> Aww, I love you.

No -> Go back a space.


Is it related to cats?

Yes -> Dude, just stop.

No -> Thank for not pigeonholing me.

Does it have a circuit board?

Yes > Cool

Yes, it is a circuit board -> Buy that shit now!

No -> Well, maybe


Is it under $20?

Yes -> Buy that shit.

No -> Spend less. I feel guilty.


Still need help?

Yes -> That’s okay. Try here or here.

No -> Awesome!

May 31

Happy birthday to me!

27 feels… like that much closer to 30. On a bad day I feel like a complete failure. On a good day, I feel like there’s no way tomorrow can beat right now. I hope that my birthday falls somewhere in between.

I share my day of birth with three friends, two of which are pretty close friends. I have some awesome plans. People are coming out of town to see me. Everything is falling into place!

If, by chance, you want to get my something, you should have been paying attention these last few weeks. Here’s what you missed:

  • The only keychain I had broke after 9 or so years.
  • I just bought a PS3 with only a few games.
  • Similarly, I hooked up my SNES and Nintendo and have few games for those.
  • I haven’t seen The Lion King or Monsters Inc for at least a year each because I do not own those movies.
  • My pedicure is looking awful.
  • I’ve been super stressed. I sure could use a massage.
  • Both my domains are up for renewal soon.
  • I keep breaking my drinking glasses  (and my silverware!).
  • I need a nude bra.
  • I’m worried about alcohol levels for my party.
  • I’ve been having trouble making cupcakes out of rum chata.

Really, I’ve been dropping hints left and right that I didn’t even know I was. You haven’t been listening? I SMITE you. I can do this, you see.

It’s my birthday!!

Dec 20

I rock!

hearing: the dryer
feeling: cold
wanting: sleep

Although I’m sure you already know that and if you just so happen to want to reward me for how much I rock(or just want to see some of the things which interest me), head on over to my wishlists, the links to which are located here.

There are a few things that I’d really like, however, which are not on those lists.

  • A new vacuum – let’s face it, mine sucks. Or rather, it doesn’t suck at all .I think it’s possible that it is leaving more dirt on the carpets than was there in the first place. I never understood why people swept their carpets, and now I do.
  • A stereo – now that I have a bookcase which could easily hold a stereo (and has nifty little cord holes in the back) I want one so that I can play my music loud and “in the air” because headphones aren’t always funs.
  • A furby – seriously. I wanted one of these when they first came out but I thought I was “too old.” To hell with that! If I can’t have a mogwai, then I want a furby!

I believe that I have accomplished everything I intended to do over my days off, except go driving. However, My Christmas shopping is done (mostly),
Samantha's Presents

the presents are wrapped,

my room is a bit cleaner and I put together the book shelf.
My new bookcase

I took pictures of most of these things and I’ll upload them to the computer for your viewing pleasure at a later date, probably tonight. It’s about time these entries had a little more than just text. I know how daunting it can be to see pages upon pages of only text so I’m going to put forth some effort in adding other things here, too.

Also, I’ll have the time to upload some more picture of Samantha, which I’m sure you’ll all love.

Dec 27

christmas inventory

well, hope everyone has had a nice christmas, yule, chanukah, etc..
i worked on probably all three of these days
m’break has been pretty full of work
however the checks will be nice.
x-mas i worked at the weston store, apparently pissed off some customer.
and brian m’store manager was s’posed t’talk t’me, but tim talked t’him, and it’s apparently all good.
m’presents were nothing really good. no surprise from mom and tim. susie did a knock up job of not following m’list. -sl*
on the eve we opened presents.. x-mas day after work i came over for food. it was mediocre. barry had a seizure b/c ronnie had smacked him on the head. he’s an idiot. m’wrist is starting t’hurt.
hope you all had a good anti christmas too. (friday the 13th)
apparently the girls went along with the exchange without me. i was pissed. seems like a waste of m’money. brett chewed thru the wrapping on ashley’s present. that really pisses me off. stupid dog. i dont even know where her stuff is.
ive a cell phone i wont use. ive phone cards i cant use. ive the lava for the lava lamp but no lamp. ive slippers and a tshirt i love. ive pj’s i wont ever wear. i gave the cd player t’mom, no radio. ive a lifetime supply of batteries. ive a $25 gift certificate t’the store i work at. i’ve a sdtk t’moulin rouge, not the right one.
xmas should rightly be called presents day. non christians celebrate it for presents. like moi. -lol* most christians celebrate it for the same reason. it pisses me off. they should be less concieted. oi vey plug plug plug plug plug plug
wanna be plugged?

Dec 09

It’s Christmas time in the city

grrawr! i deleted all the stupid fucking company and shit links on the add a link page.. whomever is doing this.. i find it not t’be funny.. and if you really are trying t’sell something.. m’site wont help you -rme-
the math test today went pretty well
i need t’buy tims xmas present.. i really wanna get back down t’appleton sometime soon.. -sigh-
need t’buy angelicas present.. and the present for the angel tree from work.. -f- damn…
am working on the new layout.. a new site
and a new layout for the dolls site..
have updated the crow site
and i am going t’update the featured site

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