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Jan 18

Pinterest Success!

Although I’ve discussed my Pinterest failures and my Pinterest “meh” experiences, I don’t think I’ve written about any of the successes I’ve had. I recently made a wonderful chocolate, PB oatmeal cookie — and I even took a few liberties. I love recipes that have room for experimentation, er, laziness.

I swapped out crunchy peanut butter for flavored stuff from PB Crave.  I also only had instant oatmeal. The result was quite soft and not as pretty as the pictures in the recipe but tasty. Even Samantha, who claims to hate oatmeal cookies, wanted me to bring more. Mom had a hard time quitting shoving them in her mouth. Pretty good compliment.

I mean, they’re no-bake, but I still slaved away over a hot stove. ;)

Nov 20

Another Pinterest Fail

Listen, I’m no better homemaker or whatever it is, but I am starting to think that all those pins are fake. How do people make these amazing recipes and use miracle cleaning tricks and get them to work? Because, for the most part, I cannot. I’ve made a few recipes that were a little disappointing, but this last Pinterest-inspired activity I attempted was the miracle pan cleaning posted on One Good Thing. It seemed easy enough. Peroxide and baking soda aren’t hat hard to find, and my pans could use a little TLC. I was soon making a paste and putting it all over my cookie sheets. I forgot about ’em and assumed I would come back to some clean pans, but they looked exactly the same an hour+ later.

I decided it was all me, so I slathered on some more ingredients and let them sit even longer. I came back and nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Now, my peroxide might’ve been less than potent, so it’s not like I was necessarily misled, but I’m starting to think that Pinterest is full of more misses than hits. Tricksy internet.

Jul 08

Pinterest Makes Me Think I Can DIM

Do-it-myself, that is. I kept seeing all these sunburst mirror tutorials made with a little hot glue and some clothes pins. Everyone kept saying how easy and cheap it was to make. Everything was at the dollar store. I was convinced that I could do it, too.

So I headed to the dollar store and found me some clothes pins, but they had no mirrors I could use. Michael’s had some, but they sure weren’t $1. While there, I picked up some wood glue and some scrapbook paper for decorate the shit out of my future mirror. This sure was more expensive than everyone else’s project, but I figured I could decorate the clothes pins with pretty paper until I found a mirror. Of course, I needed an utility knife to finish it off.

I went home and glued a bunch of paper on a bunch of clothes pins, but that’s not any fun, and I couldn’t find the right mirror, so I stopped for a while. The other day, I randomly found the right type of mirror at the dollar store and picked it up, so I finally sat down glue my pins onto the mirror. I found out/remembered a couple things:

  • Hot glue is hot
  • I sure use that burned finger for everything
  • Hot glue is also messy
  • Apparently, it’s harder for people–like roommates–to remember that having two pairs of scissors allows you to keep on for non-food stuff. Mine was nice and sticky from popsicles. Yay.
  • Lining up clothes pins is a little harder than I figured
  • The whole thing wasn’t much fun

I lucked out, I had exactly enough clothes pins and hot glue to finish the project. It’s drying, upside down, and I’m afraid to move it. You see, the glue acted less like glue and more like little silicone grips. I think it’ll work fine. I mean, it’s not like the pins will fall off. Maybe I should have gotten better glue. This is only a glue gun and sticks from a 100Yen store in Japan.. from like five years ago. Does hot glue go bad?

Anyway, let me know if you want pictures. I don’t think I like this whole project after all. Everyone else’s look so much better..

May 18

Om Noms

I.. don’t love to cook, but I like to eat and I like food that is tasty. My sort-of-interest has led to a recipe collection. First, they cluttered up my bookmarks. Then, I moved them to AllRecipes, but I tend to forget about them there (oops!). More recently, I’ve been repinning recipes on Pinterest.


  • I quite liked this “brunch casserole” and I think it’s spectacular for any mean. It was easy enough and filling. I used half the eggs, because I ran out, but I still needed to cook it about twice as long as the recipe suggested for it to be done enough.
  • I’ll need to pay more attention when I made these oven-roasted potatoes. My bacon was probably a bit too done. The whole thing seems a little salty and hurt my mouth.
  • I tried these baked cheese balls, but it seems like you need a vary specific type of cheese (and heat?!) for it to work.
  • These crack potatoes? I’m not addicted. They were okay the first time around, but reheated far too salty.
  • I loved the taco bake, however. I’ve done something similar with chicken. I let everyone know how much I loved it!
  • This creamy, cheese corn makes for a great side and lasts quite a while.
  • I swapped the pepperoni for Canadian bacon for these pizza crescent rolls. Easy snack. Kid-friendly, too. I imagine you could add in some veggies, if you like, or use sausage, instead.

The to-do list this week includes two other recipes: corn casserole and crispy cheddar chicken. For some reason, looking at all the recipes I’ve tried makes me feel accomplished.

May 14

What Stops Me From Loving Pinterests.

Besides all your stupid pins and lack of quality descriptions (this one is totally on you, guys!).

The fact that the front page, when I’m not signed in, has a lot of awesome stuff but I’m not sure why it’s there. If I click something and forget I’m logged out, it doesn’t return me to the same page after I do log in. How stupid. Then I have to try to search for the image, which is difficult because.. see above. I don’t even know what the front page is. Is it just random? Can I even return there when I log in?

The second thing is that the website does a horrible job of recognize dupes. If it would just check, based on image URL or website URL, the whole thing would run more smoothly. God, I hope that feature is coming.

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