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Jan 06

A Tale of Two Kitties

My two kitties - Phantom and Goliath
P1011204, originally uploaded by Cole on 4 Jan ’09, 9.57pm CST PST.

Phantom and Goliath

Well, Puck had a name change to Goliath because I just wasn’t sure Puck fit. I am not totally feeling Goliath yet, either so I just call him Little One. I wasn’t so sure about him at first, mostly because it was a quick decision and Ryan picked him out – funny that the non-cat person picked out both of our cats. But Goliath has grown on me.

I think first he liked Phantom more and Phantom wasn’t really sure. They both were very similar when we got them, very courageous and fearless. They did/do a lot of silly things which made them adorable and they both had a lot of personality.

We took Goliath home right away and they’re an adorable pair. He’s only about 3 months old which is the same age we got Phantom and, although he’s only a few months older, he seems so big in comparison! So Phantom has become my big boy, even though he’s still just a kitten himself.

They fought a bit the first night and now it’s more playful and settled down. Phantom certainly seems to have let up on more of his playful characteristics and I hope it’s only temporary. He was definitely a little indifferent toward us but now seems to be coming back around to his old self.

We had really been considering a seocnd cat so we would have one to balance out Phantom. We hoped a playmate would make him stay out of trouble (the tree, trash, counter tops, so on and so forth) a well as give him someone else to pick on. He’s only bitten me once since we got Goliath and that was because I intervened when they were fighting.

On the other hand, having another kitten means going through all the same things we did with Phantom. The goods new is that Goliath seems to listen a bit more and not be as naturally wild so I don’t think we will have a hard of time with it. Of course, he does like to walk over the laptop quite a bit, much to Ryan’s dismay. d=

P1011209 P1011201

P1011192 P1011193

May 05

Could I have your attention please?

If you look to your left – figuratively, of course- you’ll notice I’ve nearly finished uploading all the pictures. I’ve also been working on a sub-navigation for the pictures portion of the site to ease up on loading time as some pages were becoming quite crowded!

You’ll now notice that each link on the pictures page goes to a section; think of these as albums. Sections contain pictures related by subject, location, date or event.

Each album will be made up of one or more page which contain pictures that relate to eachother more specifically. If there are more pages, they will be linked to other pages by a “Previous” or “Next” link. If there are no other pages, there will be no link. Individual pages will no be linked to on the pictures index.

There are similar links to the “Previous Section” and “Next Section.” Except for the very first and last section, each section will have a functioning link to the sections before and after them.

So, if you start in the first section, the pictures of me section, you can page through the entire section by clicking the “Next link.” At the end of the section (or anytime before) you can go to the Next Section, family and pets, by clicking the respective link. The sections follow the order in which they appear on the pictures index: Me, Family and Pets, Samantha, Amanda, Halloween 2005, Tokyo Disney 2007, Ryusendo Caves 2007, Narita Origami Museum, My Trip to Wausau 2008, Miss Gay Wausau Pageant, Tokyo DisneySea 2008, and Ueno Park and Zoo 2008.

Generally, the last album will be the most recently uploaded pictures; however, the photos of myself are constantly updated and are arranged by date, with the newest toward the top.

I’m thinking of adopting this sub-navigation for the Website Primer, what do you think?

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