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Sep 07

Moving On Up

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I just re-signed a lease to live in my apartment for another year, and I am so happy not to be moving again. Before that, I lived in an apartment with a roommate for two years. The previous two years saw me in San Antonio with my ex-husband. I spent another two on an American base in Japan. I spent an even shorter stint in my own little studio in the biggest city in this state in 2006, which followed a year and a half in an apartment with various friends. As an adult, I have moved a lot. And I hate it.

Some people don’t seem to mind. They like the change of pace. They like seeing what’s in store for them but, for me, the actual process of moving is one that I cannot stand. I hate not being settled and established. Packing and hauling stuff? No fun. I like to be comfortable with my material possessions. However, I am so good at moving. My anxiety and years of Tetris-playing mean that I can pack up a box and I don’t need a whole lot of packaging material. Give me your boxes, tape and bubble wrap and I will get it done! I get use out of extra single cubic inch. It’s kind of ridiculous. Fortunately, this makes unpacking just as easy.

I know I won’t be here forever, but I enjoy my bachelorhood. I’ve accumulated a few more things since moving out on my own. It really feels like a home in here sometimes. My friends and family like my apartment, and I like that it feels welcoming to people. It’s something that I think about a lot because I am often not comfortable in other peoples’ homes.

I also enjoy feeling like an adult who is put together because so few of my friends are. It’s nice to stand out in that way, even if it took a lot of sweat and miles to get there.

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