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Dec 05

Holiday Wishlist

This is a meme that hits the blogging world around this time. Feel free to repost this on your own blog and leave me a link here so that I can see your desires and maybe help out as well. So here’s the cut and paste:

Step One
Make a post to your blog, tumblr, facebook, myspace, what have you. The important thing is to make sure these wishes are things you really want and that people can see the post. If you wish for real possible things, make sure you include some sort of contact info in your post, whether it’s your address or just an email address at which you can be contacted by potential wish-grantors.

Also, make sure you post some version of these guidelines in your post, so that the holiday joy will spread.

Step Two

Surf around your friends list/blogroll/RSS feeds (or friends friends, or just random places ) to see who has posted their list. If you have a list be sure to leave it in my comments section so I can view your wishes! If you see a wish you can grant, and it’s in your heart to do so, make someone’s wish come true. Sometimes someone’s trash is another’s treasure, and if you have a leather jacket you don’t want or a gift certificate you won’t use–or even know where you could get someone’s dream purebred Basset Hound for free–do it.


If you happen to want to send me any of this gifts, please comment here. Thanks in advance!

A new iPod Touch.
Mine was a hand-me-down squared to begin with and it’s nearing its end of days. The volume button broke a while back and it takes days to charge it. Skipping songs lags and I frequently wind up accidentally skipping multiple songs by accident. If nothing else, my friends are sick of hearing me complain about the charging issue. Sadly, Apple is bent on selling 8-gigabyte and 32-gigabyte capacities when I need a 16-gigabyte. Boo. I will, realistically, wind up purchasing one that is used or a Sony Walkman.
Goldenrod Tiger
ThinkGeek’s Circuit Sweetheart Necklace.
I meant to but this for myself for my birthday but I didn’t and then money got tighter than I expected. It’s on sale, guys. Hint hint.
I know this is kind of a cop out but it’s almost impossible for me to say that I want one stuffed animal and not another. In no particular order, here are the ones I want thee most:

book of awesome

Anything Awesome.
I’ve only seen The Book of Awesome in stores once. Since then, the Book of Even More Awesome and even a calendar have been printed. I think it would be such a sweet gift from anyone who knows me.
Gift cards.
When people ask what I want, I tell them gift cards. Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Think Geek, Bath and Body Works, etc. I usually say I will use it to get something awesome and then I wind up buying groceries or hand soap. The truth is, I really appreciate having a little extra money around the holidays and I would much rather have a gift card and be able to buy something functional than receive some crazy, useless gift..
Gift Cards
Amazon, JcPenney and Target are at the top of my list.
PayPal donations
cole[at] is my address.

Other Bloggers Wishlists

*Yea, this is a rip off from the review blog.

Nov 03

Ranty Thursday (Working on a new name)

Yesterday I posted a picture of a pony. It was facetious in several ways.

First, when I asked for suggestions of what sort of pictures I should put on this blog, Damita suggested ponies. I actually ignored her suggestion for some cat pictures. Sorry! Forgive me?

Second, I was irritated at a trend I’ve noticed lately regarding Wordless Wednesday posts. Here’s a hint: they aren’t wordless. This meme is simple. If you participate, you post one or more photos and nothing else, save for maybe a link to your Flickr or what-have-you. It’s about expressing yourself or simply showing something beautiful without words. I’m a wordy bitchy but I appreciate the sentiment, you know?

So how dense must a person be to post a “Wordless Wednesday” post and fill it with words. If the pictures don’t do all the explaining, then save them for another post and skip the meme. Someone I follow on Twitter keeps posting for this meme but doing it completely wrong and, in my opinion, cheapening it.

I usually don’t participate because I’m not a photographer. I don’t have a great camera or take amazing pictures, even if you all love Phantom. But that’s kind of the point. My photos are almost all of cats and I know people don’t want to see that all the time. I also don’t want to use others’ photos, even though I think that’s permissible. I’m not sure who started Wordless Wednesday so I can’t say.

But even if I only participated in it and used others’ photos, I’d still be participating in a way that is in line with the purpose. If your Wordless Wednesday has a word count, you’re doing it wrong.

Jul 30

Awesome Friends

There is this 30 days of letters blog meme going around. It requires you to write a letter to someone, once a day. One of those requirements is to write a letter to your best friend. The truth is, that’s really hard for me to do. I have so many amazing friends that I cannot help but give more than one of them the title “best.”

My primary best friend is one Ashley and she has held the title since middle school. The thing that I love about our friendship is that she will always hold the title, even if we haven’t spoken in weeks. And sometimes, when we do speak, we can just settle into comfortable silence. It rocks.

Then there’s Dez. We ran in the same circles for years before we began to talk to each other but now we talk to each other pretty much every day. I would be lying if I said she isn’t one of the reasons that I wake up. Truth be told, I can’t remember just when it was that I realized that I need her in my life but I do. We can be silly. We help eachother with websites and ideas. Yet she’s just as good at being my shoulder to cry on when I need her to.

Ashe and I haven’t always been friends. Or even had the best friendship ever. We’re both pretty stubborn when it comes to things. We can both be emotional. But we can discuss things of a serious matter or that are completely nonsensical, too. I enjoy that.

Even those people who aren’t quite my best friends are too awesome for words. Where would I be if Jenn hadn’t taken me in and spread her amazing positivity all over the place? What kind of person would I be if I hadn’t met her little boy? I honestly shudder to think of the thought.

And two people I could never forget to mention: Lars and Christie. Lars is my Dutch friend who is funny and silly and listens to my crap even when I don’t want anyone to have to listen to is. Christie makes me laugh and smile and..despite the fact that we met using pseudonyms, she has quickly become a friend of the real me, too.

Lately, I’ve (re)started talking to two people whom I feel belong in this post but may not even read it. One of them is my friend Giles. He’s been on my MSN list forever, I don’t even know how we met but I do remember that he’s half Irish. Our conversations are always so entertaining. I can be so stupidly funny (or maybe just stupid) with him and it’s great.

And there’s miss Loony, another one of those folks who I knew of but never talked to. Not any more. We’ve chatted quite frequently, often being ridiculously silly. She went me a message one day when we hadn’t talked about how she missed me which was crazy because I’d missed her, too, and it was great knowing that.. I mattered in someone’s life.

You might ask how I gathered all these awesome friends. You might be surprised to hear that this list barely covers my awesome friends. Honestly, I feel awful for leaving people out of this post but, if I didn’t, it would literally never end.

The truth is, I’m really lucky to have my amazing friends but I think part of the reason that I have amazing friends is because I am a pretty good friend myself. That’s definitely one of the things that I have pride about. It’s one of those things that maybe I didn’t intend to do but now I never intend to stop. Quite frankly, if I died and the only good thing people could say about me is that I’m a good friend, then my life will have been well worth it.

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