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Mar 23

Things you don’t know about Cole

While I am not a big fan of sports, I did once wear a football jersey to school in middle school. d= It was A Troy Aikman jersey which belonged to a friend of mine. I didn’t really care about either him, the Cowboys or football in general but I was something of a tomboy back then.

I hate the way I laugh. I do not like the way it sounds or how my body moves but.. I love to laugh and that wins out over the dislike of my odd laughter.

I like pink, the colour. I don’t walk around in all pink but I like it as an accent and several pieces of clothing and/or shoes I own do contain some pink.

I am compassionate. Not all the time but I really have a soft spot for people who are good and deserving. Extreme Home Makeover makes me cry all the time because of this.

I swallow pills weird. I could never swallow them when I was younger so, after years of headaches, I finally learned to shove them down my throat so they’re already swallowed. It’s not really pretty to look at. LOL But it works and I don’t even need to drink water.

Even when I don’t want to be, I am something of a romantic. fairy tales and true love and forever and ever, amen. Sometimes it clashes with the reality of my life but it’s a strong drive nonetheless.

I am incredibly in favour of the phrase “Yes Ma’am.”

My favourite letter of the alphabet is “A.”

Mar 19

Let’s Get Personal

Blog. A web log. Although, I don’t think you really wanted me to blog about what I am doing on the web. That would get boring. Or might provide you with a glimpse of Cole you don’t really want to see. I have never really considered this space to be a blog. I have always felt it was a journal and, a quick check with Jenn supports the idea that they can be one and the same; although, they do not have to be. This is.

I have written some really personal stuff on these pages. I have posted messages which are more cryptic. Sometimes I have felt the need to censor myself while, others I have been extremely blunt (sometimes earning the wrath of my readers). I have made statements about a plethora of subjects. Sometimes I don’t say much at all. But it’s all me because that is the only way words from me can be.

This is my space, after all. I pay for it. I maintain it. It is mine to do with what I want. And in the near future I will be bringing back more personal posts. Because I want to.

Jun 22

Honest Scrap Award

What is an “honest scrap?”

Honest Scrap Award

“The HonestScrap award comes with a caveat or two. Firstly, you have to tell your readers ten things about you they may not know, but that are true. Secondly, you have to tag 10 people with the award.”

Ten Things You Might Not Know About Me:

  1. I named my sister, after Samantha Mulder.
  2. I met some of my closest friends in middle school.
  3. I call my mother almost every day.
  4. I met my husband online.
  5. Cole is short for Nicole.
  6. I think of myself as Cole, not Nicole.
  7. I’ve only ever felt the desire to have children twice in my life.
  8. When I was younger, we lived in the country and sometimes I want to go back.
  9. During my teens, all I wanted was to get away from home but now that I’m away, all I want is to go back.
  10. I give good advice. Really, I do. So you should take it.

I present this award to the following ten people:

Feb 11


This whole rebuilding the site thing is taxing, even though I have most of my content. (A few files have been empty or corrupt, though, which has not been fun). I’ve completed almost everything in the me section as well as the entire site section (save for an upcoming site map). Tomorrow I will upload the rest of the photos, I think. Maybe “hope” is a better word.

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