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Aug 25

Every Day is a Story

Lately, I’ve been describing my day as an adventure, usually in Middle Earth. It’s part of my effort to “write every day as a story.” I’m trying to view my life as an adventure, to describe everyday–and sometimes not-so-everyday–events in an exciting way. I’m trying to psych myself up for my own life and view things with a light heart. Tofa took note of my Lord of the Rings references, and it prompted this entry.

Initially, I wanted to motivate myself to write more blog posts that painted my life as exciting and adventurous, but I just don’t have the time or energy to do that, especially while I’m busy packing and cleaning for a big move. So blog posts have been sparse. So have tweets, to be honest. You don’t need to know how much I am packing and moving and how exhausted I am, but–trust me–I am. One might even say that it’s a little more adventure than I normally like, which is also true.

Perhaps, in the end, this exercise has taught me that not all adventures feel adventurous or fun, and certainly not all quests are ones you have a choice in undertaking. A necessary adventure is still an adventure. Maybe?


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