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Dec 16

5 Times I’d Rather Use My Kindle Than My Smartphone

1. Cooking

The Pinterest app looks especially good on my Kindle because of the form factor, and I save most of my recipes to Pinterest. I prop up the Kindle on the counter and use it to follow recipes. It’s definitely easier than bringing over my laptop, which is heavy enough to kill a man and big enough to bury him under. LOL

2. Playing Angry Birds Space

Man, I don’t know why, but this game is just so much better on the larger screen. Perhaps it’s because the game has such a wide viewing angle and you have to zoom to see anything. On my phone,  I zoom but I lose too much of the background. As soon as I bought my Kindle, I uninstalled the game on my phone.

3. Reading (Books)

The Kindle Fire is, first and foremost, an eReader. With the original, which I have, the bookshelf makes this evident. I love it. It’s a big bigger than a paperback but smaller than most hard-cover books. You can adjust the background and font colors, bookmark and share passages and look up word definitions for actual books. PDFs don’t work quite as nicely, but it’s easier to read anything with a lot of text on my Kindle than any other device I own. I would argue it might even be easier to read than an actual book.

4. Shopping

The Amazon app on the Kindle is especially nice. It better be after all. Shopping as a whole is just easier on the tablet because I can view photos up close and generally see more items on my screen than possible. When it comes to tiny text links in navigation and drop-down menus in forms, it’s hell on my phone. The greater amount of pixel real estate on my Kindle makes this all far less painless.

5.  Watching Movies

I don’t understand those people who watch Netflix on their phone. Maybe they wear glasses or all carrying a magnifying glass. All I know is that anything more than a Youtub video isn’t something I’m willing to watch on a 4-inch screen. Plus, the case for my Kindle doubles as a stand, so watching something on Amazon Video or the CBS website is pretty easy. In fact, I did it that way when my laptop was bring repaired and I was using my sister’s computer, which would overheat when I watched videos.

However, I will always reach for my phone when I have to do a lot of typing because the original Kindle Fire keyboard is terrible. Ditto if I want to take a photo (no camera) or transfer something to my phone (no Bluetooth on my version of the Kindle Fire).

So when do you grab a tablet, a phone or even the computer?

Apr 04

The Girl With a Fire

I bought myself a Kindle Fire. When I realized that taxes weren’t going to be as much as I thought, I decided I needed to treat myself. I rarely do. I’m always trying to save for something that doesn’t exist and fretting about every dollar, but once I made the decision to get a Kindle Fire, there was no going back. I loved it in the store, and it far surpassed the Nook Tablet, which was the only other option I was really considering.

I’ve already gotten so much use out of it. I’ve acquired over 20 books, I’ve borrowed two from Amazon and I’ve used my free Prime membership to purchase from the store. Some apps, like Angry Birds Space, just work so much better on the screen. I’m finding the screen super easy on the eyes and the thin profile is just so preferable to actual books, especially clunky hardcover ones. In fact, I think my Kindle has made me realize that I hate physical books. Le gasp, I know.

I just want to read and read and read and read.

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