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May 02

This Just In: Marriage Doesn’t Kill You

So I’m doing my first-turned-on-the-computer routine which includes checking e-mail and going through the featured articles on AIM today (otherwise, you know, I’d never read any news) and I come across this post about the pros and cons for marriage between men and women. Essentially, statistics show that marriage has some health advantages and disadvantages for either gender.

Now, I’m not going to get into the “men have a shorter lifespan than women because women suck the life out of them” thing for two reasons. 1) We all know men have shorter lifespans because they don’t take care of themselves. It’s true. 2) Read number 1. But it’s interesting that married women tend to have less stress but gain more weight. And men? Are less likely to have strokes. Marriage offers an anecdote against depression and high blood pressure, too. But an unhappy marriage basically turns the tables and wreaks havoc on your health.

Still, the article is very hetero-normative so I wonder if any of these benefits or risks apply to marriage (including gay marriage) in general or if some of these are particular to straight relationships alone.

Oct 13

My Body, the Stranger

For whatever reason, random body parts are all sensitive right now. My lips even feel a little funny. I know it’s probably related to the fact that I’m a female with all the parts that entails but I really have never been all the observant when it comes to my own body; things on the outside are an entirely different story, though. Some women notice the slightest thing and know it’s right on time with their cycle. They recognize that seemingly unrelated issues like a headache could be due to hormone balance but I was never that way. I never had any idea where I am in my cycle.

It’s not just that; I’m pretty oblivious to things unrelated to having a uterus. I don’t really pay attention to how food or medicine affects me. The only thing I do tend to notice is how I feel when I need sleep (cranky, hot) or when the weather is extreme. I guess I don’t always put two and two together when it comes to my own body because I’m too busy paying attention to other things. It amazes me how well other people do know their bodies but I have more important things to do.

Jun 05

Down for the count

I don’t know exactly how it happened or even when but sometimes yesterday I went from feeling fine, turned around, and was sick. No warning. All of a sudden my nose was simultaneous stuffy and runny and my throat was hurting which made breathing through my mouth rather unpleasant. Although my throat feels a bit better, I’ve just now run out of tissues. Ugh!

Feb 05

There’s a Stye in My Eye

Sounds cooler than it is but more on that in a bit..

To begin, I know I’ve been something of a faineantwhen it comes to updating the non-blog portions of this site. I’m going to work on that in a moment. I did update my icon samples site, La Galerie yesterday with several pages of new samples.

I’ve also discovered and been playing with scripts for Paint Shop Pro. If you know of any sites which offer them as downloads, let me know. I was curious if anyone here, especially those who work with icons, might be interested in them. They’re pretty nifty and a bit more unique as visitor content (considering as so few sites seem to offer them). What do you think?

To the subject, I’ve been suffering with a stye below my left eye for a few days. I called in because it was so swollen and painful. I was planning to head into the ER because it seemed something that would be insuperable to deal with at home but I got lucky.

The first few days were annoying – I thought I’d simply scratched myself – but the incipient blemish only kept growing worse; the size and pressure kept increasing until it looked absolutely awful today. Ryan can attest that this cause me to be quite fractious over the weekend and I certainly had a yen to be rid of this companion as it was certainly inimical to me.

I was using a warm compress to speed the process along and I was finally able to fumlinate (though first it was rather pertinacious) and drain much of it to palliate my discomfort. (Though that didn’t feel too great). I’ve been complaining to Ryan about losing eyelashes (several of them!) but at least the pain if mostly gone although my eye still doesn’t look great.

May 12

To Your Health

I have never, in my life broken a bone. The most serious injury I’ve ever incurred was a sprained ankle. I’ve probably had more than one but I’ve only ever been to the doctor once and, yes, that did include x-rays. Aside from that and some nosebleeds, I’ve never been to the doctor for anything more serious than feeling generally crappy, needing a check up or annual pap smears.

I’ve never had major surgery though I did recently have an abscess which became infected and I had to have cut open, drained and filled in. I’ve never spent the night at a hospital, that I can remember nor have I ever caught the chicken pox, mumps, measles, mono, bronchitis or even poison ivy.

I might add that, because I’ve never had the chicken pox, I was never vaccinated until last year (on my birthday) after I was tested and found that I was not immune to it. My mother always joked about how she would put me in a room with infected children so that I might catch the chicken pox to prevent me from catching it at a higher age and the effects being more serious. I believe that my sister, Amanda, not only caught it, but caught it twice!

One might consider me pretty lucky in that respect and, I’ve come to understand, something of an unusual specimen.

However, I have been plagued over the years with 3 issues: nose bleeds, strep throat and ear aches/infections.

The aforementioned nose bleeds are not a regular occurrence anymore but I used to joke about having them in seasons which was probably pretty accurate because nose bleeds are much more common during the dry, winter months. My nose bleeds first started being an issue around the time Amanda was hospitalized and the doctors were worried that they, too, were a result of the cancer-like blood disease which she had contracted. Luckily, they were not.

They escalated to the point where I’d visited the emergency room and the walk in at the local clinic. I was simply told that I was a “bleeder” and given a sheet of instructions to try to prevent nosebleeds and, in the event that those steps didn’t work, to end them quickly. I’d heard a million different home remedies to deal with them. Of course, as the way things go, most of these tricks usually made the nose bleeds worse and, when it comes down to it, the best thing is to just hold your nose consistently closed for 15 – 20 minutes and maybe apply ice.

Strep throat and earaches haven’t bothered me in a while but I would have them consistently as a child. Many times I would cry myself to sleep because my head was pounding and my ears were burning. Usually, it was not from infection and often I was given ear drops and told to put cotton in my ear(s) which was a little to no use.

In the case of strep throat, I’d take antibiotics, I guess. I remember that one time I had some great strawberry flavoured pills which weren’t actually supposed to be flavoured but I wasn’t complaining.

In my “adult” years, my most common ailment is headaches which might actually be migraines and I regularly take over the counter and prescription medicine to remedy them. Unfortunately it doesn’t always work.

Admittedly, I am surprised I am as healthy as I am considering my less-than-healthy lifestyle but I figure I’m on par with just about any avenge American and I’d rather be happy and unhealthy than miserable and healthy.

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