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Sep 07

In Which Cole Lists Life Stuff

Sorry for the ads the last few days. It was an easy way to make a few bucks, but I thought I did okay tying it into my life, even if it wasn’t tied into my life at present.

So I shall make a list type thing of stuff that is going on in my life. Feel free to not care. ;)

  • Look at this fuzzy shoe

    Look at this fuzzy shoe

    I broke a nail and tried the bond-it-with-a-coffee-filter technique I’ve heard about. It’s been a weak and 3 applications later, but it seems to work. I just have to hope that I don’t get it caught or stuck on something before it has a bit of time to grow out.

  • Phantom is being a crazy whiny baby who is pawing at doors and walls and furniture for no good reason. It doesn’t help me sleep.
  • Last night I had games and drinks with friends at my place after enjoying a really good burger at a nice bar with a cute bartender.  I woke up needing pain killers, hydration and a shower, but it was really good times.
  • The last two points have contributed to me not getting nearly enough sleep lately. My eyes hurt ,but my schedule is so dumb that I cannot allow myself to sleep as long as I’d like to feel fully rested. Right now, I’m getting up nearly at sunset. I need to reset this thing. Ugh.
  • Some good friends are in the area for a while. The reason for their visit/stay isn’t good, but getting to see them is.
  • One of my best friends in the world signed a lease in my building, and I am so freaking excited about this!
  • I got my electric bill for last month, and it’s so cheap! It went down $10 despite me using my window AC. I think this is because my old refrigerator died, and I got a newer one. I cannot complain either way.
  • Although I didn’t have my laptop for over a week because the DC jack broke off inside it, I have it back now. I missed my baby immensely. It’s such a good machine — really.
  • I’ve got two really exciting events I’m going to attend coming up: a Pat Benatar concert and the Blues Brothers Revue.
  • I’m planning on buying an SSHD to replace the HDD in my laptop. I are excited!
  • I recently rooted my phone. I haven’t done as much with it as I plan, but I did it myself and it’s already performing a little better in terms of memory usage.
  • I was a little bummed that the shoes I only had for a month and a half wore out, but I found a new pair that’s super cute and cheap. Said shoes are in the picture to the right, but Goliath is definitely more important!
  • I will still need to move to a new host eventually, but I’ve got a bit more time to do it now.
  • Store are full of Halloween stuff! I cannot wait to get shopping and decorating!!
  • I’ve actually been writing poetry again.
  • I have some really cool giveaways and reviews going on/coming up on Reviews by Cole.
  • I got my hair cut and dyed. The cut is similar to what I had last time, but it’s mostly black with some red. Quite different. I like it more every day, though.

I keep thinking of more things to add. This short blog is longer than I expected. I shall cut it off here!

Oct 10

Finally Fall.

Actually, it’s almost Tuesday which is crazy because I started writing this blog post in my head, in the shower when I woke up. I’ve had some busy weekends and while I’m glad to be spending time with the people I love, sometimes it gets a little crazy.

Wendy headed out of town on Friday so I enjoyed the house to myself for a few hours before heading to a Pure Romance party. I hung out with some people from school. You know the type, you have them on Facebook but rarely talk. But we caught up, talked about old friends, new lives. It was fun. It was a different group than I normally hang out with and it was nice to have a silly night with the girls and meet new people, too.

I recouped on Saturday. Sort of. I had a really difficult time sleeping this weekend, mostly because it’s warmed up and I like it cool. On top of that, everyone just seems to be so loud lately. I had been invited on a mini road trip earlier in the week by my uncle but he decided not to go and instead invited me over to his house on Sunday. Although he thought some other folks would show up, they didn’t. He picked up my sister before they stopped by my place and, of course, I misjudged the time and was in the shower when they showed up. I ran out to answer the door in a towel, quickly shaved my other armpit and dressed.

My sister spent the day being eight and my uncle spent his day being the kind of funny uncle an eight year old — and maybe a 25 year-0ld — loves. We filled a giant pumpkin bag with leaves that Samantha stomped down and she and my uncle threw leaves back and forth. She convinced him to buy even more bags and filled and arranged them all on his front lawn. He grilled out, we enjoyed dinner (I topped it off with some apple pie and ice cream) and we finished off the night by hanging some lights on his front porch.

Halloween Lawn Bags

It was a great chance for Samantha to get to know who I believe is her best uncle.Plus, the smell of the leaves and the changing colors really made me feel like Autumn was in full swing. I hadn’t noticed how quickly the leaves had changed and fallen

Last night I was so exhausted and sore but I couldn’t get to sleep. I popped some pain killers and eventually drifted off to sleep for a ridiculous amount of time before waking to no Internet. In lieu of checking email and working, I did dishes and put up even more Halloween decorations. Sorry if you received one of the million pictures that I sent.

Nov 01

A Day at the Park

I love Halloween. It speaks to the kid in me, I guess and I love the dark overtones. I love doing things and being with people but since there aren’t so many people I know here, I was a little down in the dumps yesterday morning. I had suggested we go to Six Flags which is right in San Antonio because Ryan had been wanting to go since before we moved here. But we were both kind of mopey and it took a while before we decided to go but we went and we did stuff.

We went on a few rides, including one that seemed to break while we were on it, a few that messed with out centers of gravity and even a Scooby Doo ghost blastin’ ride. The lines kind of sucked but I don’t think it was quite as full as I expected it to be.

It also wasn’t quite as festive as I would’ve liked. Places were decorated, there were haunted mansions and tombstones set up and we even caught some zombie dancing in the street (to “Thriller”, of course) but it wasn’t entirely spooky.

There were a handful of visitors who dressed up, mostly the kids and that was cute. There were more Batgirls than I could count and I even saw some Marios and a Luigi.. but I also saw a lot of people whose costumes barely counted as decent to be seen in public which makes me a bit sad. I mean, I’m all for a sexy costume but it can completely be done without looking like a hooker, you know? Especially when I’m looking at young girls and teenagers with their parents and I am flabbergasted that mom and dad thinks that is okay even if it’s a costume. I mean, Halloween doesn’t have to be “Dress Like a Slut day” or, at the very least, save it for when the sun goes down.

Ryan wanted to see more superhero/Batman stuff and I wanted to see more characters (there were none actually wandering the park) but he got a Justice League magnet and won me a stuffed Scooby. We bought an uber soft Scooby pillow, too, and there’s a caramel apple waiting for me today.

It definitely was smaller than I expected and a group would’ve been cool, too. But, overall, we had fun.

Oct 07

I’m torn.

Not, not like Natalie Imbruglia (though, I have that CD and still enjoy it). I am torn because I love Halloween which is why I’ve been promoting my giveaway on Reviews by Cole so hard. I want you to enjoy it, too. I’ve even been in a better mood since we broke out the decorations, even if we have absolutely no plans. I love Halloween festivities. And I wish it lasted longer. It’s equally as important to me as Christmas and I wish there was more build up. Even Ryan wouldn’t let my put up decorations before October 1!

But I’m torn because October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I find that to be a worth cause, a cause which I appreciate not only because I have breasts but because a member of my family has battled breast cancer. I see people putting up button and banners in pink when I only want to see black and orange. I see people promoting worthy causes when I’m just giving away stuffies. It does put a little damper on things and I cannot help but wonder why they’re couldn’t pick January, March, June, July, August, September, or November instead. I feel so whiny but there’s plenty of months with absolutely nothing interesting going on.

As much as I respect breast cancer awareness, (as well we all should), Halloween will always be my first love. Call me greedy. With that said, I’d be spending a few moments each day Clicking to Give Free Mammograms on the Breast Cancer Site. It’s the least I can do. You, too, okay?

Nov 05

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I cannot believe it is already November 4th and today is voting day. Of course, I do not get to go to the polls because a) I can’t vote here but more importantly b) I already voted. I don’t get any shiny stickers. Boohoo. Nevertheless, I hope the rest of you get out there and vote. A president doesn’t need to win by a landslide, he just needs to win by 1 vote. Some of the most recent elections have been decided by just a few votes.

It’s not just voting, though. I was so excited for Halloween and it came and passed so quickly. I wish it were a longer lasting holiday but the day after it’s done, it’s already a new month. I think Christmas has it better because there’s still 6 days left in the month so the season does not have to end immediately.

My Halloweens the past few years have been pretty lame. For the past 2 years we bought candy only to have no trick or treaters. I really want to do something for the holiday and love dressing up but I don’t want to be here. Rather, I want to be with my friends. Halloween is so exciting for me but lately’ it’s just come and gone so quietly that it’s been depressing.


Don’t worry, though. I’m already angry about Christmas decorations and music being present in stores.

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