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Feb 14

Where I’ve Been

Watching lots and lots of Castle. In fact, I started and caught up on all four seasons within the time-frame of a week. Talked about hooked. I don’t understand how a show about murder can be so good. Fillion just makes me laugh and smile and pant and “awww” the whole time but there’s not a single character — save for the new captain — whom I don’t really like. Detective Ryan is adorable, himself.

Anyway, I can’t believe the freaking “to be continued” shit tonight. I can’t wait a week!

Oct 30

Or Maybe It’s Just Me

I started this post thinking.. and that’s really my problem. I need a change of pace from all the reading and writing I do online because it’s so one-sided and lacks interaction. I just get stuck in my own head far too often. And then the things I enjoy become chores to do and I feel frustrated because I no longer want to do them but I don’t have much else to do. I stare at the monitor and I am bored and frustrated. I aimlessly check forums, Twitter and e-mail which I’ve checked only minutes before. Then it feels like I’ve reached the end of the internet but it’s mostly just that I need a break and don’t know where to find it. It’s not as though I’ve seen everything there is to see on the internet. I’d be silly to think that and know it’s hardly the case. I just don’t know where to find new exciting things that are different from what I’ve been doing.

I’m not a big fan of Youtube and Facebook apps don’t enthrall me. Wikipedia has never been my thing and IMDB doesn’t pull me in as much as I want. At least when I play Maplestory, it feels like I’m accomplishing something and that’s much more appealing than doing mindless things. So what is it that people do on the internet these days? What’s a good website or activity which requires some thinking but isn’t entirely draining? Ideas? Thoughts?

Jun 02

Wow… just wow

I find myself very stunned by the recent turn of events in Ctrl Alt Del, a web comic I have followed for a couple years now. The most recent comic is very adult and very powerful. I think the method Tim, the artist, used was very effective and by not using any words, he painted a very emotion-invoking picture that wasn’t unnecessarily clouded. It seems some people don’t like this turn of events and would prefer Ctrl Alt Del remained a light-hearted video game centered comic but I think Ctrl Alt Del is really becoming something to contend with by stepping out and growing up with something controversial like this.

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