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Jul 20

Living the Life

The other day I had a terrible dream. It was one of those emotional dreams where you wake up and you still have the feelings you had in your dreams.. even those it was just a dream. Even though you’re awake now, and none of that actually happens. But your mind has gone ahead and processed everything and all the hormones and chemicals have brought you to that place anyway.

In the middle of that terrible dream, I looked at someone and said “I wish I was at home in my PJs with my cat.”

And I woke up, in my PJs next to Phantom.

In my time of duress in my dream, the only thing I wanted was to get back to my regular life. I didn’t want anything more than that. I woke up to that place, comforting and full of love. Emotionally stable. Free to do as I please.

Since that night, I have been ridiculously grateful of my life. Of the people and things in it.

All things considered, I am in a good place. A place where I am happy to remain; although, I am open to better things, they would have to be significantly better to motivate me to stray

As emotionally tumultuous that dream may have been, it was certainly something I needed.

Oct 25

Strange Dreams Are Made of This

If you know me, then you probably know most of my dreams are strange. Every night, without fail. Today was no exception. I dreamt I was watching Family Matters but it was the later season. Some of the characters had been switched to white actors. Eddie was trying to get a sex change and his partner was one of Jaleel White’s strange characters. The younger sister had been raped and murdered. Insert more swapping of actors and, yea. Strange.

Aug 04

Weekly Wrapup #37: Sweet Dreams are Made of This (because I’m Slow)

In the past week have you had any nightmares?

Yes. Lately I’ve been having nightmares about working at Wal-mart again and also Ryan not being able to come home.

Are your dreams usually pleasant?

My dreams are usually confusing and upsetting.

Do you usually remember your dreams?

I do right away but it fades over time.

Do you have any reoccuring dreams or themes?

My Wal-mart nightmares and lately I’ve been dreaming about Ryan a lot. Wonder why? ;)

Meme from Weekly Wrapup!

Oct 25

Christ Was a Looker

Last night I dreamt I hit on Jesus, kinda.
He was a redhead, though. I said something like “you’re pretty good looking for a fraud.” The people who were there were very displeased but, honestly, Christ didn’t have to pick me to be the first to “bless.” Strangers’ hands should stay clear of me.

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