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Nov 16

In Gov We Trust

I have kept thinking about the possibility of doomsday and how the movie 2012 played out. Earlier, I asked Ryan if he trusted the government. Assuming they knew and cared about the warning signs and they could work together with other countries for the survival of at least some of mankind. Would they tell us the truth? If they did, would they tell us the whole truth? Would they tell us in time? Would they try to help the masses or cater to those with money? And even assuming they knew and cared (which I’m not sure is guaranteed), would they have the resources to do anything?

I think about how miserably FEMA failed during Katrina. How there were definitely not enough resources and how some of the military forces wound up assaulting victims, forcing them to stay in the city when they tried to leave. I think about how there were simply not enough supplies to go around and how relief efforts took so long because FEMA was so damned unorganized. It doesn’t leave me hopeful. Granted, the appocalypse is bigger than FEMA alone but still.

I guess I have little faith in my government, if I have so many questions. ;)

Nov 15

Appocalypse Now!

Ryan and I just got home from 2012, a long but interesting movie. I won’t go into it too much because I may review it on Reviews by Cole. I do have some thoughts about the end of the world. I’m not exactly superstitious or crazy about it but I am open to the idea that something may happen. Life as we know it may come to an end and the thought is pretty scary. I don’t know how but I would prefer to be with my loved ones on December 21 of next year. Just saying.

Of course, a lot of people think it’s a whole lot of nothing. Scientists say that several of the proposed theories are absolute crap and some people argue that either we’re not even reading the Mayan calendar correctly or that it’s be so entirely wrong that it doesn’t matter anyway. Some argue that the calendar simple ends because that’s what calendars do. Yours probably ends on December 31 2009, unless it’s an extended addition. So maybe it’s nothing after all but I’m open to the possibilities.

It’s interesting to think that one could wake up and.. not go to bed the same way one has for a lifetime. I can’t even fathom to end of technology, electricity, the loss of books and art and culture and the sheer drop in human life. The idea is almost too unimaginable to be frightening, yet it scares me a bit. Which is why I was a little anxious to see the movie. It’s hard to imagine what (if anything) comes after life as we know it but the movie did portray a possible sequence of events. Still, I’m not sure if I feel any better about it.

Or if it matters what I think. I’ll just camp out with my husband and kitties and see what happens.

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