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Jul 08

Pinterest Makes Me Think I Can DIM

Do-it-myself, that is. I kept seeing all these sunburst mirror tutorials made with a little hot glue and some clothes pins. Everyone kept saying how easy and cheap it was to make. Everything was at the dollar store. I was convinced that I could do it, too.

So I headed to the dollar store and found me some clothes pins, but they had no mirrors I could use. Michael’s had some, but they sure weren’t $1. While there, I picked up some wood glue and some scrapbook paper for decorate the shit out of my future mirror. This sure was more expensive than everyone else’s project, but I figured I could decorate the clothes pins with pretty paper until I found a mirror. Of course, I needed an utility knife to finish it off.

I went home and glued a bunch of paper on a bunch of clothes pins, but that’s not any fun, and I couldn’t find the right mirror, so I stopped for a while. The other day, I randomly found the right type of mirror at the dollar store and picked it up, so I finally sat down glue my pins onto the mirror. I found out/remembered a couple things:

  • Hot glue is hot
  • I sure use that burned finger for everything
  • Hot glue is also messy
  • Apparently, it’s harder for people–like roommates–to remember that having two pairs of scissors allows you to keep on for non-food stuff. Mine was nice and sticky from popsicles. Yay.
  • Lining up clothes pins is a little harder than I figured
  • The whole thing wasn’t much fun

I lucked out, I had exactly enough clothes pins and hot glue to finish the project. It’s drying, upside down, and I’m afraid to move it. You see, the glue acted less like glue and more like little silicone grips. I think it’ll work fine. I mean, it’s not like the pins will fall off. Maybe I should have gotten better glue. This is only a glue gun and sticks from a 100Yen store in Japan.. from like five years ago. Does hot glue go bad?

Anyway, let me know if you want pictures. I don’t think I like this whole project after all. Everyone else’s look so much better..

Jun 04

In Which Cole Makes Her Own Pore Strips.. Sort of

So, I read this blog, which led to me to YouTube video, about making your own pore strips out of milk and gelatin. I can do that, I thought. So I did.

Trial 1

I mixed up 1.5 tablespoons milk with 1 tablespoon of gelatin, microwaved it for 12 seconds and spread it all over my face with a spoon. I don’t use makeup brushes, so sue me. It was goopy and runny–too runny. I noticed that it took far too long to dry. When it did dry, it was too thin and brittle. It didn’t pull off like a strip. I resorted to scrub, scrub scrubbing my face clean.

At one point, it looked and felt like I was peeling my skin away. Not good.

Trial 2

The second time around, I used equals parts milk to gelatin. It was thicker and easier to apply in a thick paste. I just coated my nose and chin. It dried much faster and pulled off in more-or-less one piece. Success, right?

Well, I pulled out no pore gunk on either go-through. They both left my skin feeling super soft. Neither of them smelled amazing, but it wasn’t as awful as people are bitching about. The smell was reminiscent of Cream of Wheat or baby food. They both hurt as they pulled on my peach fuzz, but they were both perfectly clean. I guess my pores don’t need strips, so the whole thing was a waste?

Not at all. I found out, Goliath thinks the stuff is pretty tasty.

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