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May 31

Happy birthday to me!

27 feels… like that much closer to 30. On a bad day I feel like a complete failure. On a good day, I feel like there’s no way tomorrow can beat right now. I hope that my birthday falls somewhere in between.

I share my day of birth with three friends, two of which are pretty close friends. I have some awesome plans. People are coming out of town to see me. Everything is falling into place!

If, by chance, you want to get my something, you should have been paying attention these last few weeks. Here’s what you missed:

  • The only keychain I had broke after 9 or so years.
  • I just bought a PS3 with only a few games.
  • Similarly, I hooked up my SNES and Nintendo and have few games for those.
  • I haven’t seen The Lion King or Monsters Inc for at least a year each because I do not own those movies.
  • My pedicure is looking awful.
  • I’ve been super stressed. I sure could use a massage.
  • Both my domains are up for renewal soon.
  • I keep breaking my drinking glasses  (and my silverware!).
  • I need a nude bra.
  • I’m worried about alcohol levels for my party.
  • I’ve been having trouble making cupcakes out of rum chata.

Really, I’ve been dropping hints left and right that I didn’t even know I was. You haven’t been listening? I SMITE you. I can do this, you see.

It’s my birthday!!

May 21

Anxiously Waiting

I’ve been trying to plan some rather large birthday events, which I hope would be a smashing success. The reason I want to do this is simple: my birthdays in the past have so rarely worked out that I want to make sure this year is the one. To this end, I’ve planned three things. Originally, I wanted it to be four, but that’s just not working out.

gift-2677_640Since my birthday falls on a Friday, I planned Friday evening bowling that would be family friendly, including my own. After, I want to go to a bar where I’ll get free drinks with a friend who has the same birthday. Saturday evening, I’ve planned to have a game and drinking night at my house with people who were interested. I figured with the variety of options, I’d be able to invite people who might have trouble making arrangements for their children, provide a weekend full of fun that people would be able to work into their schedules and find something that everyone would enjoy. I pretty thoughtfully sent out invitations to the events via Facebook and, then, texted people to let them know about the event in case they don’t tend to look at them or missed it.

I thought that, maybe, the RSVPs would start rolling in, but fewer than a third of people I’ve invited to any of the events have said they’re going. Some people have said they’ll go to X event but won’t do X, which is super annoying. I got a whole lot of “Maybes” and even someone who RSVPed after telling me she probably couldn’t show up. Logistically, it’s a nightmare because I have no idea how much food or refreshments I’m going to need.

But emotionally? It’s a bummer. Some of my very close friends won’t be there because they’ve made plans. some of those plans happened before I sent the invite, but I consider these people close enough that I’m a little shocked and completely disappointed that they made plans on my birthday or after I sent the invite. It makes me feel unimportant to them, even though I know there may be other logical reasons and that these people might care in their own way but just can’t give me this one weekend out of the year.

Still, it’s hard to be positive because the people who have said they’ll show up are a group of people with whom I worry I’ll be uncomfortable around en masse.  One of the people who won’t be able to make it is exactly the sort of person who can diffuse that sort of situation.

Nevertheless, I know I’m being dramatic. I think it’s that hormonal time of month that’s adding to it, and I have nothing to convince me that I won’t have a good time or that people won’t surprise me. Furthermore, plenty of people have RSVPed to everything, which should make me feel loved. A single day — or weekend — doesn’t negate all my existing friendships. In fact, my birthday might come and pass and it’ll be a blast and I’ll forget all about my anxieties, which often happens.

I just need something to distract me until then.

Jun 06

My Birthday Party Was All Right

Saturday evening, I invited a few friends over to play games and have a lowkey birthday bash. I was worried it would be too boring for people, but it wound up being quite fun. A smaller group of us went out to dinner beforehand, and I enjoyed some food from Olive Garden. We retired to my place, where we played several rounds of a game called celebrities, which I found online. Everyone liked it more than I figured, and it was funny to see glimpse into how people thought. We enjoyed some snack foods and a movie–Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Everyone left at a different time–and not everyone who I invited could show up–but it was good nonetheless.

There were no presents or alcohol, but that’s okay with me. There was a little cop-pulling-one-of-my-friends incident, but that seemed to resolve itself. All in all, a success.

Jun 01

Let the good times roll

Actually, that’s kind of a weird phrase.

Anyway, here I am writing to you, dear world, at the ripe old age of 22. I’m not entirely sure I feel any different nor am I sure that I don’t feel different. I do feel a bit nostalgic and regretful as this year many of my friends from school have graduated college or, at least, the first portion of their post-secondary education. I admit that I am jealous but hope to catch up with when I am able to and things are looking good that I may be able to do that this fall once we are back in the states.

I feel as though I am counting unhatched chicks by saying this as many things are unsure yet but I can say with good authority we will be relocated to a base in San Antonio. It wasn’t my first pick, or his, but it will be something new and better than where we are for sure.

Back to the birthday subject, I had a pretty good time. I went bowling Friday night with friends. It was a very casual celebration with no expectations and I think perhaps that is what made it go off so well. Often, high expectations about birthdays often resulted in a very disappointed Cole. We followed up bowling by heading back to a friend’s house and playing board games.

Saturday, my birthday, Ryan and I went out to eat at a restaurant he did not remember liking. I remember loving the corn soup. Surprisingly, he enjoyed it even more than I did, I think. He believes they have a larger selection now which may be the case. I don’t know. Ryan even bugged me to go again today but my craving for Chinese had been satisfied.

After dinner we picked up pre-sale vouchers to be able to see Iron Man. On Monday we’d gone down to see it but hadn’t realized they were preselling and we weren’t able to. Because it was a holiday, nothing else was open. Gah!

Luckily, we got out vouchers, headed home for a minute and returned just in time to get in line. Most of the theatre was already packed by the time we got in there and I was seriously worried that we wouldn’t be able to find seats together but we did.

We both liked the movie quite a bit. It was fast moving, exciting and funny in many places. The background music reminded me a lot of the music that was used in Transformers.

We weren’t the only ones who liked it as, I’m sure most of you know. People were there who had already seen it once or twice and as we were leaving, people were discussing going back to see it tonight! But I didn’t like it enough to try to deal with our ghetto as movie theatre. Right now there’s doing construction so only 1/2 of the seating is available. As we were leaving last night, I saw 2 folding chairs that must have been set up for customers who could not find any place to sit in the theatre! How awful!

By the time we left the movie, by birthday was finished. I was rather pleased. I’ll need to do this again in another 365 days. Thanks to everyone who sent wishes!

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