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Nov 13

Facebook App’s New Internal Browser Sucks!

Facebook's App Settings for external browser

Facebook’s App Settings for external browser

Over the past several days, I updated Facebook on my phone. One of the biggest changes — yet one that I heard little about beforehand — is that Facebook now opens links in the app rather than in your browser. I suspect the idea behind this is to protect users from malicious files and perhaps even scams. However, it also prevents us from using all the features we expect in a modern browser.

This includes private browsing mode and all the options available with a long-click, such as opening a link in a new tab. Although you can readily share any link back to a Facebook post or even a message, opening a link in the app “browser” doesn’t work with a smartphone’s native sharing menu, so sending via text, Bluetooth or email takes a few more clicks.

Plus, links to the Google Play store and YouTube ignore the default settings in my phone. Thanks, Facebook! You can “Save” things to Facebook, but it would be much nicer to access our favorites, especially if you sync browser data across multiple devices.

Perhaps what frustrates me the most is that you’re not able to browse history. I don’t even use favorites all that much because I use the browser on my phone — and tablet — for casual surfing. This morning, I clicked a link in Facebook, wanted to visit it later and promptly lost it because I didn’t “Save” it and there’s no history or any way to return to pages viewed in the internal browser. Arrgh!

Fortunately, you can disable this “feature,” and it’s not difficult. In your App Settings for Facebook, you’ll see an option to open links in an “External” browser. That is, Safari, Firefox, Chrome or whatever browser you prefer on your smartphone or tablet.

I’d love to remove this feature entirely. I’m sure it’s using up precious space on my phone, and it’s definitely causing lag!

Dec 12

Android Takes Over the World [Infographic]

I love the way this infographic is done. There’s so many these days, and so few infographics are done in a way that I find visually appealing, but MBA Online managed to do it with this one.


Of course, I knew all this already. As an Android fangirl, I am happy.

I would love to see someone really tackle the issue of fragmentation, however.

Aug 05

Amazon Splits Cloud from MP3 Service, Cripples My Happiness

The other day I sign in to an email from Amazon. They happily announced that they were splitting their cloud drive and MP3 services, which had previously been the same. The good news? I still get 5 free gigabytes of space on Amazon cloud. The bad? It doesn’t count toward my music. The free music will now let me have 250 imported songs (nt purchased from Amazon). But, don’t fret, you can delete your entire music collection from the service and start all over again, you know, if that’s easier for you.

I don’t understand this at all. I was a staunch advocate for Amazon MP3 for over a year. I was quick to point out how the website and player on my phone were far superior to Google’s. I vocalized how much I liked shopping from Amazon, especially when they give you free MP3 codes. Now, I can’t see a single reason to use it, and my Kindle will be far less useful to me. I’ll have to delete around 900 songs to get to that 250 mark. To be honest, the give gigabytes from before was already a little stingy.  I have no idea how I would pare down my collection, and I don’t think I will even try.

What does this mean? That I won’t be able to use Amazon MP3 at all, if I don’t have it down to 250 after a month’s up. Even on my Kindle. Suddenly, that purchase is looking far less extraordinary. Suddenly, the entire service pales in comparison with Google Music, which I’ve been using more lately, anyway. I can’t see how Amazon thinks anyone will pay $25 per year for the lesser service

Joke’s on them, I guess,

Jun 25

In Which I Blog About Collin.. Again, Sort Of

Last week, I was arguing with Collin about rooting my phone, re-rooting, actually. I told him I planned on waiting because I knew the official Android update was on its way and Google it to show him. And you know what? It was all “TOMORROW YOU GET GINGERBREAD COLE” and I was all “TOMORROW I GET GINGERBREAD COLLIN.” Maybe I shouted, maybe I didn’t. All I know it this: I was tired. I was waiting for the management to show up for a previously-announced check, one that didn’t have me worried at all because everyone knows we only have two cats. 2. Dos. Deux.

And then Collin messaged and was like “You shouldn’t update cause it’ll make rooting harder. Rooot. Rooooot. Roooot. O hai, btw your update is out now!”

And so I grabbed my phone and checked for the update and, like oh my god, there it was. So I began downloading but it was taking too long so then I went and stood by the router. It still too long. I set my phone down and went and did stuff and, when I got back, it was locked and I realized this meant the download stopped because of my battery saver app. Fuck.

So then I unlocked it and didn’t let it lock again until the download finished but, lo and behold, the file was corrupt so I had to do it all over again. You guys, that’s totally unfair. So, during this whole thing, Wendy starts texting me on her break and she asks if the people have showed up and they totally hadn’t but by the time I sent “No” as a response, they did. The lady was in and out in thirty seconds–just like a man, I tell ya–and I was like “Wait, nevermind. They were here.”

So finally I decide to go to sleep but I can’t because I haven’t even had the chance to play with Android 2.3.3. I went up 1.3 versions, guys! So I let it install and freak out a little bit as it seems to get stuck on the “4G” screen but then it restarts a million times and zomg new stuff! I don’t want to write a review on it but there’s a few things I quite like:

  • Different Sense buttons
  • Skins for Sense
  • The cool, colored notification bar when I’m on the phone
  • Recent apps in the notification bar
  • Frequently used apps
  • Swype

I have a few complaints. One, it reset my ringtones and I’m too lazy to fix that. Two, I don’t know how to work the alarm anymore. I went to hit snooze and woke up two hours later. LOL Three.. Eh, I don’t know about three. I’m sure there’s one.

Anyway, my phone seems to run a lot faster. And I finally got my damned Google Music invite. This is awesome. I’ve never had a phone that was cool enough to get updates before.

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