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Dec 21

Kitty cats and Backed up Sinks

So, I fished washing the dishes yesterday and noticed the sink seemed a bit clogged and tried to run the garbage disposal but nothing happened. I then noticed that when running down one side of the sink, the other backed up and vice versa. I called the office who sent a request into maintenance and we left to see The Day the Earth Stood Still and take Phantom to PetSmart.

Upon returning, we saw that the maintenance guy left a note on the counter which said not to use the garbage disposal because it was rusted and corroded and he needed to order a new one. Unfortunately, this apartment was the model and while it looked good, it hadn’t been used on a daily basis for an unknown amount of time. This is also why I reluctant to use the dishwasher (which had a loose piece) and the filter had not been changed in the air conditioner forever.

The movie was okay. It was a nice change of pace to not have the entire Earth be destroyed by aliens (is that a plot spoiler? oops!) but they obviously only picked Keanu Reeves to play an alien because he talks in that strange, halting manner.

At PetSmart, we got Phantom a new toy so he hopefully redirects his aggression away from him. We also spent some time looking at the adoptions centers for possibly a new friend. We saw some adorable little kittens who were barely 2 weeks old. We decided to stop at the other PetSmart and saw a nice female cat about one year old but we have not made the final decision yet. We let Phantom and the kitty get to know eachother and while they didn’t love eachother, I think they could be good friends in time.

Phantom was really nice in the car. He eventually calmed down and curled up in my arms. He was also surprisingly mild when he was meeting the other cat; almost scared. This was the most mellow we’ve ever seen him! It was almost as though he was a different cat!

Today was spent looking for a Christmas tree (which we didn’t find) and a little Christmas shopping for Samantha (she’s getting PixOs).

This last week has really flown by.

One comment on “Kitty cats and Backed up Sinks”

  1. Pam

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwww! Sooooooooooo cute!!!- Pam

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