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Apr 22

Je deteste.

Rebellion. Rebelling. you say it and I say the opposite just to disagree. Stick to what you’re good at. I’m good at feeling guilty, heart wrenchingly so. I’m good at being mean. I can give it, but I can’t take it. Denial. Denying. Lying. Liar. I lie because I don’t know myself. Death. Dying. Freefalling. you’ll hate me when I fall away Psychosomatic fucking disease. Want to tear out my skin. End this sentence with sin. Frailty. Fragility. Ferocity. Rawr. No rawr. -sigh* C’est triste. Je suis triste. Et je suis cassee. Tu, tu es si parfait qu’il me fait deteste. Je deteste… Je deteste tout le monde.

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