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Oct 19

Japan, here I come!

Site updates below. Interest stuff here.

Tomorrow, Rian and I are going on a tour of the Ryusendo Caves which is about 90 miles south of us. Since we don’t get off base much, I looked into the packages that the base travel service has and we decided on this one based on interest, price and schedule.

Though we have to leave early (6:30 AM) and bring our own lunch (bah! crap!), I’m sure it will be awesome, even though it wasn’t first first choice. There’s some really gorgeous pictures of it online which have me even more excited about it.

Of course, I hope to take pictures, too but I never take as many as I want afterward (hindsight, right?) and I never take pictures of the things I really wish I had!

I hope to do some more tours, especially if this is a good experience.

-prods you, the visitor-

I just fixed the CSS issue with my quizzes so now you can go have fun and see what completely incorrectly but still entertaining result you might get!

I’m also working on getting the last of the accidentally deleted content back up. I only have a handful of pages left and then you’ll see some new sections such as Internet 101 and a Makeup Guide!

I’ve also added links so you can add my pages or blog posts to your favourite social bookmarking site, if you so choose. I encourage you to choose so!

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