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May 27

It’s so cold!

hearing: Pitbull Daycare
feeling: Cold!
wanting: my Rian )=

I’m updating Adrenaline Reviews currently! I also have quite a few submissions for fanlistings to go through, and I’ll probably do so tonight seeing as I cannot talk to Rian..

I’m so glad that I’m done with my Chemistry exam, but (ha!) we have another test tomorrow. Then we are done with all real stuff and next week we’ll just help Mrs. Farmer pack for the new school. XD I also had to do two papers, one for World Lit and one for art (WTF?!) for tomorrow and each turned out to be about 4 pages long. How the hell can I be so long winded when I’m so sick of school? -lol* I’m done next Thursday because I do not have any exams to do! w00t!

I am so sick of my computer’s crap. When it’s not freezing explorer is closing leaving me with a lack of task bar and icons on my desktop. Sometimes it just likes to go extremely slow, so I have to wait 5 minutes for whatever I want to happen, to happen and if I do anything else it will freeze.

Last night after Wendy and I went to the mall, she came over. While she was using my computer, I fell asleep on the chair several times so after she left I went to bed. It was around 7:30 and I woke up later, at 10 to 7 so Tim had to drive me to school.

Anyway, I had the WEIRDEST dream. For some reason Lary and I were up at her really expensive summer house up north, and Holly was there, too. Well out of the blue comes our friend Charles, with whom I rarely speak and he is spending the night. Somehow it was morning and they were firing cannon balls into the lake to look for dead bodies, but one missed and came at us. The rest of the dream entailed my running while holding some little kid, and kicking the cannon ball out of the way. All I know is I accidentally kicked it toward the house (lmfao) and I can remember thinking “Oh, shit.” Yea. I’m deranged.

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