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Mar 05

It’s Pink

And not just my sister’s favourite colour. It’s my newest musical obsession, I guess. I happened to catch a concert of hers on TV the other day and I was really impressed with how she treated her audience and her show was simply amazing. She puts a lot of effort into it and it’s very entertaining. She also comes off as a very real person.

I remember liking her when she first came out. I liked her brand of “girl power” which, while feminine, has never been.. well, girly. And her songs are just so anthemic of my life right now; so many of them portray my feelings to a T. I guess I never realized how much I like her as an artist.

You know what else? She’s hot. Like, seriously. I’d do her.

2 comments on “It’s Pink”

  1. I used to not like her but lately I’ve found myself loving her stuff. Yeah, she’s hot too. Hott with two t’s.

  2. I love her as an artist, always have. Glad that you were able to see how talented she really is. :)

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