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Jan 19

It’s Oscar time!

Or it will be soon! So let me know your thoughts on what and whom should be nominated for an Oscar!

Personally, I hope Reese and Joaquin receive something for their roles in Walk the Line which was simply an excellent movie and I think there’s a real possibility of that, I’d also love to see Robots win because it was also very well done but I’m extremely skeptical about that one.

Additionally, I’ve updated the poll and fixed up some errors in some of the quizzes and on the content page.

for your viewing pleasure and entertainment I have added a new page to the interactive content section: visitor’s choice site of the month. Head on over to see just what the fuss is about (er, make some fuss if you could ;)).

Lastly, I’ve updated the featured site. It is now the awesome Click here to read what I think of this site and view the past featured sites.

PS – If you’re at all bored head over to Yakvar’s page and ask her/him/it your pressing questions, silly inquiries or downright inane inquisitions!

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