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Mar 12

It’s not easy being green

Actually, it’s not easy being a friend or caring about people when you see them making the same mistakes. There’s some people in my life right now making repeated mistakes and while most people tend to fall into a pattern or routine (sometimes negative) in any aspect of life, I’m seeing it frequently in the terms of relationships – whether it’s a cycle of mistakes in one relationship or making the same errors in a series of relationships.

It’s hard when I can see what seems to be obvious and I want to advise someone as much as possible but know I can’t make them do anything even if it’s for the best. Sometimes I just want to scream these obvious things at them but they’d probably just look like a deer in headlight. “Break up with him,” “Don’t let her do that to you,” “How could you not see it coming?” “You’re only thinking about yourself,” “Your SO doesn’t care about your feelings,” “You’re letting your heart take control” or “You’re just plain stupid” are all the types of things running through my head as I try, as nicely as possible, to tell people they’re being idiots.

But they’re not psychic and they don’t hear. They’re too caught up in the drama to see where it’s not worth it or to see where it is and I can’t make anyone do anything so I just remain frustrated.

One comment on “It’s not easy being green”

  1. Some people just don’t see their mistake and keep doing them. Once they realize their mistake, they would eventually open their eyes and stop. :)

    Just as the famour phrase say.
    “Love is blind”

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