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Sep 26

It’s Not Easy Being Green

Sustainability, has been on my mind today. The idea of humanity being able to remain advanced and modern indefinitely means having indefinite resources. Of course, because resources do not simply appear out of nowhere, it requires a plan that regenerates resources. However, not all resources can be regenerated and a number of resources we currently use – like plastic – can continue being made but are not biodegradable and continue to pile up after that hey been used.

With Global Warming, many people have been more aware of humanity’s effect on the Earth and, more specifically, their own effect on the environment around them. However, it becomes increasingly obvious that while we may be exhibiting some sort of beneficence to those around us, we have not been doing the same to the planet we inhabit.

I am definitely a prononent of living “green” or ecofriendly but it’s also become increasingly obvious just how difficult it can be, especially when we are apart of a society that values fast and easy rather than sustainable and prolonged. To the credit of Americans, living green has become an important issue in the current presidential campaign but I think more has to be done.

More than personal choices but societal changes must come into effect. In a world where it’s not only easier but expected of you to buy products for one time use, the companies must produce products that are green so that consumers can purchase them.

I admit to using many things for convenience, speed or ease that are not necessarily green. Surely there is a solution that benefits both myself and the environment. Of course, there are things I currently can and do engage in to be more green but I’d like to increase the number of things I do to benefit this planet so that it may sustain another generation.

What, if anything, do you do to green your life?

2 comments on “It’s Not Easy Being Green”

  1. I… ride public transit, use a reuseable water bottle and recycle as often as I can (plus, cloth shopping bags!)

  2. Being green really is more important than most people know. Currently, since I don’t have any say over the place where I live, I can’t do much more than try and save electricity or stop using the air conditioners so much. I’ve been doing some research online lately, though, as the whole “being green” has really started meaning a lot to me. I’m hopeful that when Josh and I move, we will be more easily able to bring more things into our life that are green. I think it’s easier when you aren’t in America too.

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