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Jan 16

It’s like this you see..

My mind is a swirling vortex (although, not of win) but much less is actually happening in my life. I haven’t managed to get much done as my current situation makes it hard to concentrate and occasionally just a little too depressed to work up the motivation to do things. Like blog. Although I put up almost all of the content, now, including the guess and win pages with a little ingenuity. I hope you enjoy playing! I even installed a new poll plugin but my questions suck. Suggestions are welcome!

I’m not sure if I will reinstate the site contest I had before. It only had limited success and I never actually made the winner anything for it. I’m bad, I know. I like the idea, though, and this corner of the internet hasn’t held any contests like that recently. We’ll see. I may also be working on a new layout. Maybe. Sorta.

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