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Oct 12

It’s a flying squirrel! It’s a demon! It’s Phantom!

Phantom woke me up today, as he does every day. I guess he gets to a point where he decides “That’s enough; I need love, dammit!” Today wasn’t silly, annoying licks as usual but rather rough bites; he must have really wanted to play but as he is growing, it hurts more and more.

It’s hard to believe we’ve only had him less than 2 weeks; he is growing so fast. Where there used to be a cute little kitten with scruffy fur, I can see him blossoming into a beautiful cat with a sleak coat. Unfortunately, the scruff fur seems to be shedding all over my floor. LOL

He is also developing some more markings like a circle of lighter fur on each of his sides/thighs which is pretty cute.

my kitty phantom, just hanging out
Phantom when we first got him
my kitty phantom playing with ryan
Ryan and Phantom
my kitty phantom sneaking out from under the dishwasher
Phantom sneaking out from under the dishwasher
my kitty phantom playing
Phantom being Phantom

One comment on “It’s a flying squirrel! It’s a demon! It’s Phantom!”

  1. He is so cute. I want a kitty now.

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