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May 23

It was a peaceful morning..

Picture this: It is quiet, foggy Friday morning and 2 nocturnal creatures who just happen to be married are whiling away the time in front of their screens. Creature A realizes Creature B has done some creative conjuring to produce a mouse pad where no mousepad is to be found.

Creature A: you’re using our next president’s face as a mousepad?
Creature B: Laughs. I wouldn’t care if it was our current president.

But Creature A is perplexed. It is not the current president. It is the candidate for whom both creatures root. There must be some subliminal message in this.

Or, perhaps, it’s just a silly coincidence that Obama’s face is on the magazine Ryan is using as a make-shift mousepad.

2 comments on “It was a peaceful morning..”

  1. Oh that does sounds like a peaceful morning. Thanks for the comment you left, i see you are using blogger, i guess you did away with wp? lol. I like it, its what i need and i guess i’m use to it. I am for Obama!! Thanks again for passing through Cole :)

  2. J

    Yay! Go Obama!

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