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Oct 05

It was a dark and stormy night

It’s been fairly wet lately which has meant slightly lower temperatures and significantly higher humidity. Give and take, I guess. Last night it also meant a crazy big thunderstorm, the largest I’ve experienced in years. It was pouring when we left the movie theater (we saw Zombieland) and lightning struck as we walked to the car. It got worse over the course of the night, until about the time Ryan was ready to head to bed when lightning was lighting up the whole apartment and thunder striking loud enough to give you a heart attack. It was scaring the cats a bit, too.

I usually stay on the computer while it storms but I actually felt the need to turn it off and unplug it. It was so loud at one point it sounded like it was in the parking lot and the car alarms that were going off would likely agree. At one point, all the outside lights lost power and it went pretty dark in the bedroom. They came on pretty quickly, though and the torrents – as well as the lightning and thunder – let up. For a while, though, it was pretty cool/scary. d=

4 comments on “It was a dark and stormy night”

  1. Oh my gosh, the weather sounds terrible. Thankfully we haven’t experienced anything like that (yet) were I live. I hate when it get’s so bad you have to unplug everything and then for me there is nothing to do, just wait out the storm.

  2. That wasn’t even the worst part. I forgot to mention.. IT KNOCKED OUT THE INTERNET!!!!!

  3. What no internet?! Ah! I always unplug all electronic items when there is a storm and lighting I just don’t trust it plus I don’t want my computer fried :)

  4. I know. The horror! The horror! d=

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