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Mar 14

Is That How It Works?

I just received this spam email:


We are Anonymous.
Think – what the world will be like in the future depends only on you.
You always have a choice – either you continue tolerating, or you join us, and we
change the world on our own. While you stand still, nothing will change. Is it not
enough to listen to tales, which the government is telling you? Join Anonymous and
change your future yourselves!

Do you want to be a part of us? It is simple. Send us the following information:
Your name – how we should address you.
Your country – where you live now.
Your mobile – to be able to connect you.

Tell us what you are fond of, how you can be of help. In what part do you see
yourself in our group?

Together we can change the world for better.

We are Legion. We do not Forgive. We do not Forget. We are Anonymous.

Contact us at [email redacted]

I had no idea!

3 comments on “Is That How It Works?”

  1. Received the same.

  2. Cyn

    yes, I found this particularly disturbing… mostly the sentence: “We are Legion”…. from the Bible when Christ asked the names of the demon he was going to expell… ick! And the name of the writer: brutalize g

    I wanted to share it with friends but then decided that I wouldn’t do that with spam. Glad you did !

  3. Hi Cyn. Anonymous has been using the “we are legion” and similar lines for some time, no. In fact, this email really sounds like it could be from them. However, they’re not in the habit of inviting people and requiring info to be part of the group. It’s more of a show up and wear a mark, okay you’re one of us now thing!

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