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Jun 20

Is anybody out there?

I bet someone is. -peers among the faces in the crowd* At the very least, I bet Sav or Elyse might stumble upon this entry. -chuckles*

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’ve been in the Milwaukee area for over a week, specifically in a little south-western suburb called Greendale. It’s bigger than Milwaukee but doesn’t seem so. All it is is houses – houses which were government built and owned for smoe time so they looked astonishingly like houses one might find on a military base. Pair this with the fact that while the houses are oddly rectangular, there are no normal square shape blocks and half the roads are only one block long, ending at someone’s house proving it a bit of a task to get turned out after you find yourself on one of these roads.

Enough of that.. A bit about the situation. Becky’s house is small and even though my cousin, Violet, is only there half the time, it definitely can be straining. Becky is a bit of a neat freak in denial – at one point she called Violet a slob – which she certainly is not. She is just a normal 13 year old girl and Becky’s expectations are.. way too high and just not realistic. Becky is also stressed because she’s very busy at work and because of this, she feels she shouldn’t have a house guest (obviously me) but she did anyway. I would have preferred she just said so in the first place so we could avoid this mess.

Anyway, the first week was disappointing and frustrating – because of the reasons already mentioned and because of my job and apartment search. Although I had sent out a few resumes early in the week – mostly to temp agencies – and done a few online applications, I had recieved no call backs so I went back to the phonebook and called every temp agency listed (and there were 6 or so pages) and sent out resumes to everyone I qualified for. I figured temp work would be fast to find, based on its nature, but I guess I was wrong.

I finally got some call backs and have gone on one interview which might lead to something, and have 2 more interviews tomorrow and Friday, one of which is at a law office. Wouldn’t that be cool? There wasn’t much in the paper when I looked and I don’t have the experience in the field I’m intending on breaking into (clerical) so that leaves me with fewer options still and, even then, Becky thought I was aiming too high but that call back certainly gave me a boost of confidence.

During all this I’ve been making numerous phone calls about apartments – mostly studios. I’m a bit surprised that everything I’ve looked at is cheaper than I expected rent-wise and most of those include most if not all of the utilities, unlike the apartment in Wausau.

I’d looked at a few but kept running into dead-ends when it came to leasing and being unemployed. It was either I needed a cosignor or a double security deposit. The latter while doable, was not prefferable. The apartment I liked the most, actually doesn’t require either, which rocks! I hope I get it. -crosses fingers-

I’ve been looking at what Becky calls the “fashionable East side” close to downtown and UWM so there would be a lot of people my age there which is good; I don’t like being lonely. Plus, it’s definitely not the suburbs!

I’m way excited to be in the city because there’s so many shops and restaurants which look like a ton of fun – plus I’ll be close to shows, concerts and festivals (they do a weekly Jazz in the Park thing and just had an art fest at the museum plus, of course, Summerfest! (they have a whole Dew-sponsored stage.. how cool is that?!)) and the musem is a real live one, not like our pitiful excuse for a museum up north.

So, anyway I don’t really have money-issues to worry about and even if the jobs don’t work out, having an apartment much closer to downtown (where I desire to work) will allow me to check it out and find something there. Did I mention I’m so relieved to be done with Wal-mart? Well, I am!

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