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Jul 02

Internet: Cool, In’nit?

The web has Transformers mania. Me, not so much but I still think it’s cute to see Rian get all excited. ^_^ In homage to Mr. Optimus Prime and the crew, I’ve checked out all the articles about various Transformers related crap phenomenon (actually, there’s so many articles than you just can’t avoid it. I’ve probably read a dozen lately because they’ve been featured on my Google homepage). The coolest thing I’ve come across so far is this: an actual transforming robot – if not quite as large as the characters – which goes from wheels to walking! And, in true Cole-Youtube-hating-style, I won’t show you the actual video. ;)

Also, a few weeks or so back, I joined SiteNeighbours and am not sure if I told you all. It seems like a great new project to find new websites on which to comment, with which to affiliate and to gain some traffic of your own.

It would also be well worth your time to check out the Dissection of a WordPress Theme, if you’re a WP user or looking for a blog/CMS script any time soon. It certainly is a helpful resource for anyone struggling with WordPress theme customization. All in all, UrbanGiraffe offers a 4 (multi-page) part look into WP themes. To me, this is much more helpful than the codex ever was!

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