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Jun 25

In Which I Blog About Collin.. Again, Sort Of

Last week, I was arguing with Collin about rooting my phone, re-rooting, actually. I told him I planned on waiting because I knew the official Android update was on its way and Google it to show him. And you know what? It was all “TOMORROW YOU GET GINGERBREAD COLE” and I was all “TOMORROW I GET GINGERBREAD COLLIN.” Maybe I shouted, maybe I didn’t. All I know it this: I was tired. I was waiting for the management to show up for a previously-announced check, one that didn’t have me worried at all because everyone knows we only have two cats. 2. Dos. Deux.

And then Collin messaged and was like “You shouldn’t update cause it’ll make rooting harder. Rooot. Rooooot. Roooot. O hai, btw your update is out now!”

And so I grabbed my phone and checked for the update and, like oh my god, there it was. So I began downloading but it was taking too long so then I went and stood by the router. It still too long. I set my phone down and went and did stuff and, when I got back, it was locked and I realized this meant the download stopped because of my battery saver app. Fuck.

So then I unlocked it and didn’t let it lock again until the download finished but, lo and behold, the file was corrupt so I had to do it all over again. You guys, that’s totally unfair. So, during this whole thing, Wendy starts texting me on her break and she asks if the people have showed up and they totally hadn’t but by the time I sent “No” as a response, they did. The lady was in and out in thirty seconds–just like a man, I tell ya–and I was like “Wait, nevermind. They were here.”

So finally I decide to go to sleep but I can’t because I haven’t even had the chance to play with Android 2.3.3. I went up 1.3 versions, guys! So I let it install and freak out a little bit as it seems to get stuck on the “4G” screen but then it restarts a million times and zomg new stuff! I don’t want to write a review on it but there’s a few things I quite like:

  • Different Sense buttons
  • Skins for Sense
  • The cool, colored notification bar when I’m on the phone
  • Recent apps in the notification bar
  • Frequently used apps
  • Swype

I have a few complaints. One, it reset my ringtones and I’m too lazy to fix that. Two, I don’t know how to work the alarm anymore. I went to hit snooze and woke up two hours later. LOL Three.. Eh, I don’t know about three. I’m sure there’s one.

Anyway, my phone seems to run a lot faster. And I finally got my damned Google Music invite. This is awesome. I’ve never had a phone that was cool enough to get updates before.

5 comments on “In Which I Blog About Collin.. Again, Sort Of”

  1. *ahem* rooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot. that is all.

  2. I just rooted my phone because the Froyo update turned it into a piece of junk. flashed it to cyanogenmod, and know its actually usable again. Rooting is such a pain though

  3. I actually did root my phone when I had Froyo. It wasn’t terribly hard but I totally forgot and downloaded an update from Sprint that jacked it -_- Collin is a big fan of CM7, too.

  4. I refuse to root my cell. I like having my droid x actually fully affiliated or whatever the term is … with Verizon.

    I really hate the gingerbread update. My cell has not been the same.

  5. Right, but Verizon probably puts on restrictions and software that you really don’t need. Hell, they even change the names of all their “Droid” line devices. It’s nice to be able to access all the features of a smart phone and customize things entirely.. Although, I really haven’t found a ton of things I need to do that require rooting, hence why I haven’t gotten around to doing it again.

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