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Nov 16

In Gov We Trust

I have kept thinking about the possibility of doomsday and how the movie 2012 played out. Earlier, I asked Ryan if he trusted the government. Assuming they knew and cared about the warning signs and they could work together with other countries for the survival of at least some of mankind. Would they tell us the truth? If they did, would they tell us the whole truth? Would they tell us in time? Would they try to help the masses or cater to those with money? And even assuming they knew and cared (which I’m not sure is guaranteed), would they have the resources to do anything?

I think about how miserably FEMA failed during Katrina. How there were definitely not enough resources and how some of the military forces wound up assaulting victims, forcing them to stay in the city when they tried to leave. I think about how there were simply not enough supplies to go around and how relief efforts took so long because FEMA was so damned unorganized. It doesn’t leave me hopeful. Granted, the appocalypse is bigger than FEMA alone but still.

I guess I have little faith in my government, if I have so many questions. ;)

2 comments on “In Gov We Trust”

  1. I don’t exactly trust the gov’t in that respect, but I figure when it gets closer there will be people stockpiling stuff to prepare for the end of the world as we know it. Remember y2k? That was pretty similar, people thought the world would crash and burn because computers didn’t know time continued on past December 31, 1999. Obviously we’re still here. Those y2k people just didn’t have to grocery shop for awhile. ;)

  2. @Ashley: I suppose, if it’s actually like the movie.. it won’t matter. Most of us will be dead and the Earth (including those stock piles) will be in ruins. Though, I didn’t put any stock into Y2K except maybe wondering if my computer would be bricked (but I wasn’t all that worried). The actual end of the world is a wee bit more serious. ;)

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