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Dec 11

Imagine This

So, I sign onto Maplestory, excited to see all the changes. There was a massive update last night that lasted over 9 hours which ended all the November/Turkey Day quests and brought in a bunch of new events. All of the related items for the old quests expired, as is expected. Included in this was a belt my character was wearing which raised her stats enough to be able to wear her armour and weapon. Those items became deactivated. At first, I just noticed the armour and figured, no big deal. I could run around naked for a bit until I leveled. A little nudity never hurt anyone, right?

But then I realize that my weapon is no longer active and I have one on another character but because I’ve just started a quest which requires me to stay logged in for at least an hour, I cannot fetch it. So, now I am naked and weaponless waiting for the quest to finish so I can remedy at least one of those problems. Boo.

4 comments on “Imagine This”

  1. Dez

    That is just insane that it took away your belt item. You would think like most games you would get to keep the items.

  2. Sounds like a few of the bad dreams I’ve had. :P

  3. @Dez: Oh it makes perfect sense. Event items frequently only last the length of the event. I just don’t usually realize that those items are giving me the stats I need to use other items.

  4. LOLOL

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