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Oct 07

I’m torn.

Not, not like Natalie Imbruglia (though, I have that CD and still enjoy it). I am torn because I love Halloween which is why I’ve been promoting my giveaway on Reviews by Cole so hard. I want you to enjoy it, too. I’ve even been in a better mood since we broke out the decorations, even if we have absolutely no plans. I love Halloween festivities. And I wish it lasted longer. It’s equally as important to me as Christmas and I wish there was more build up. Even Ryan wouldn’t let my put up decorations before October 1!

But I’m torn because October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I find that to be a worth cause, a cause which I appreciate not only because I have breasts but because a member of my family has battled breast cancer. I see people putting up button and banners in pink when I only want to see black and orange. I see people promoting worthy causes when I’m just giving away stuffies. It does put a little damper on things and I cannot help but wonder why they’re couldn’t pick January, March, June, July, August, September, or November instead. I feel so whiny but there’s plenty of months with absolutely nothing interesting going on.

As much as I respect breast cancer awareness, (as well we all should), Halloween will always be my first love. Call me greedy. With that said, I’d be spending a few moments each day Clicking to Give Free Mammograms on the Breast Cancer Site. It’s the least I can do. You, too, okay?

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