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Mar 09

I’m Sick of Writing, I’m Sick of Reading

There’s been changes, and I have had to write a lot more to make the same amount of money that I was making. It’s not really and end-of-the-world deal but it does mean that I find it a lot more difficult to blog or even to write reviews. Similarly, I signed up to read a bunch of eBooks and, as it turns out, I am not a big fan of eBooks. So I’m all worded out.

I’m still pinning, however. Yep, I joined Pinterest. Yes, it’s more of a waste of time than some people are willing to admit and there is a lot of content that I just don’t find appealing. However, I am interested in seeing how I can promote my websites or make money from this newfangled website.

Also, I like to look at the pretty stuff.

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