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May 17

I’m judging you

  • If I go to your house and there’s no soap in the bathroom. Or if there’s soap but no hand towel. Do you not wash your hands? Gross!
  • If you don’t wash your hands when cooking for other people. I don’t need to eat your food, thanks.
  • If you’re a shitty tipper. Seriously? We’re not neanderthals.
  • If you drop food and pick it up and eat it. From the ground.
  • If you share food with your animals. I am a crazy cat lady, but this is seriously weird.
  • If you doubt that dinosaurs actually walked the Earth. They did, okay?
  • If you come over to spend time with me but spend the entire time on your phone.
  • If you refuse to have fun because you’ve convinced yourself you won’t.
  • If you say you’re not into drama but every damned thing you do creates it.


Maybe this makes me a judgmental person, but I feel like most of these things make me a clean and hygienic human being. And there’s a basic foundation that I need to even feel somewhat human so I just don’t understand when other people can bypass all these things and not.

I’m not going to leave the house without being clean and dressed. I can’t even spend a day without taking a shower. Now, it won’t kill me, and I certainly adjust my way of thinking when I am in another person’s home, but these things still cross my mind.

The thing is.. I won’t tell you that I they cross my mind. I won’t say a thing to embarrass you because that’s rude. But I will wonder, and you may see evidence of this cross my face for just an instant because I have nothing close to a poker face.

But, hey, maybe you’re happier than I am anyway.

2 comments on “I’m judging you”

  1. I agree with you. I can’t stand when people don’t wash their hands after the bathroom.

    I did come across your blog by accident and I’m curious what name you chat under in DockWave. I chat there and wondering if we have chatted before. Email me. Thanks!

  2. I no longer chat in Dockwave. I might have used LadyCrow there? I don’t recall.

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