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Jun 30

I’m Here

It’s been a while, huh?

I haven’t been up to much, just haven’t been blogging here as frequently as I could and, probably, should be.

So what’s going on, hmm? Furniture window-shopping via the internet. Our entire bedroom set it loaner so, when we move, we’ll need to purchase that. Also coming out of our (or should I say “his”) wallet will be a coffee table and/or set, bookcase(s) and a desk for the computer Ryan wants. Soo, I’ve been checking out local stores and found something I really like but know I can’t get my heart set on it yet. -crosses fingers that I can have it though- This is all adding up to a lot of money, though!

We’ve been looking for cards and kind of disagrees. As a woman, I want something sturdy and practical and as a man boy, Ryan wants something flashy. We finally settled on the Hyundai Elantra and have been pricing them on CraigsList and Ebay motors for a used one. However, considering the recent oil discussions and gas prices, I thought it would be interesting to check our hybrid cars and the Saturn Aura and Toyota Prius both seem do-able. It all depends on price and availability, though. We’ll definitely have to take what we can find.

I’ve been frequently blogging over at Reviews by Cole and just gave it a little facelift – nothing too fancy; I just switched the header image and colours. I’ve been doing some opportunities for PayU2Blog – so far so good.

I’m also still considering school for the fall – just a couple of classes online. Unfortunately, I’m not sure how much I really want to go into funeral service which really is throwing me for a loop. I mean, what do I want to do with my life?!

We saw Indiana Jones tonight which was decent – not horrible but not great. It certainly was long! I wasn’t very fond of Shia’s character and I don’t really think he fit the role (which was weak to begin with) very well. Alas, Spielberg doesn’t care what I think!

PS, if you’re viewing this on LiveJournal, please bare with me. I’m still working out the kinks!

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