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May 24

I’m baaaack!

hearing: the radio
feeling: uber hot
wanting: the night off

It sure took me long enough, no? It’s been almost a year and, sadly, the site probably looks no better, layout-wise at least. I don’t think it turned out to be the completely transformation for which I was hoping. However, there have been several significant changes within myself which will make for your better viewing pleasure and my improved maintaining pleasure. d=

For starters, I have motivation to do the site. It was becoming too much of a chore for me and that’s one of the main reasons it took so long to get this thing up. After I really fell into the groove of things again, I found it difficult to stop and walk away from the computer. I realized that I didn’t really want to put up the site because then I’d stop working on it, for a bit. What does this mean to you? Hopefully more content and more updated content more frequently.

Furthermore, while the site was down, I spend time journaling at LJ and, for once, I found that I was actually journaling. Nothing related to the site and it was much more therapeutic. I didn’t have to worry about too many people seeing something too personal. My solution for this is to do the majority of my blogging here but take anything too personal to my livejournal and make it friends only. Thus, if you’re interested, you’ll need a livejournal account and you’ll need to friend me there. This, hopefully, will not last long as I intend to install WordPress soon-ish.
Also, I’ve found that I’ve become more creative again. I’ve been writing poetry and.. stuff.. again. I’ve more ideas for content and layouts. I’m more comfortable with having those ideas. Before, I would never measure up to my own standards and would tired of any attempts at anything, very quickly. Now I know that I can only go my own pace and if I continue to look down upon all my efforts in such a way, it won’t help.
With that said, here is a complete list of everything new and updated:





Phew! Quite a list, no? Keep in mind that I hope to be updating the site, and not just the blog, much more frequently this time around!

With that said, happy browsing!
PS, there’s a week until my birthday buy me something!

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