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Sep 27

I Would.

If you disappeared for a week or a month or even a few hours, I’d notice. Not everyone would, but those who notice do so with a fierceness that hopefully makes up for it.

I would notice because I see when you’re gone for a few hours. I notice when you don’t reply in the first five seconds. I notice when your life is busy. I notice when you’re quieter than usual, but I just assume you’d come to me if you needed to. I’m sorry if that’s what you need. I’ll be more vocal if you need me to.

I may be busy, but I remember when we haven’t talked for a few days. I note the absence in my life. Sometimes, even when I’m busy with someone else, I stop to miss you. You’re not there. We’ve never met, but there’s still a hole in my heart.

I know it’s not much. I don’t know if it’s enough, but I hope so because I would notice not because I am amazing but because you are.

One comment on “I Would.”

  1. Dez

    *hugs and tears*

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