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Mar 22

I Want a Kite

I’ve never gone kite flying so I decided that this would be the year. I will buy a fancy kite or a kite that strikes my fancy and head to park on a windy day and try–or fail–to fly a kite. It doesn’t matter. Meaning is in the journey and all that. So here I am browsing the Internet for kites, figuring I’d find some pretty diamond one but, no, they all blow my damned mind!

Astro Star Rainbow Space Shuttle Kite Flying Spinner DragonDouble Vision Delta Ray Fish Vision Cool

3 comments on “I Want a Kite”

  1. In 5th grade we built kites out of black construction paper, tissue paper, wooden dowels and yarn… they sucked. But those kites look cool! That would actually be fun, to make a decent kite.

  2. Wow they are amazing kites!

  3. You remind me of Mary Poppins.

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