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Nov 14

I Think..

…I hate my job. The pay and hours are shitty with little room for improvement. The time I do spend there is a waste as I am bored out of my mind which, is to say, my job offers little to no mental stimulation.

For being a customer service position and the entire business existing only for customers, there’s a blatant lack of customer service oriented attitudes in most of my superiors. I literally feel guilty for working there sometimes because of this and other issues we cause customers.

The policies, or lack there-of, only protect the interest of my employer while screwing over customers and employees alike. There is a distinct lack of professionalism which is apparent in even the most minute task.

I personally find the work I have to do aggravating because it involves several un-connected and out of date systems and, when there is obviously a better way to do things, I don’t know why it’s not utilized.

There is, however, job security and room for advancement, in which I am not really interested. They’re been generally good about giving me time off which I need as well. That’s about it for the pros.

One comment on “I Think..”

  1. I was in retail / customer service for 6 years and I hated all 6 years. I did learn from the experience though, and it made me… stronger. I left.

    I realized after that experience… what I wanted to do and set out to accomplish it.

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