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Mar 14

I Second that Emotion

There are just some times when you listen to the lyrics of a song and you wonder how someone could possibly be writing the very things which you are thinking and feeling yourself. In some ways, I can take parts of many songs and apply them to me and I always have been able to. When I was a teenager, I felt such a deep connection to music and the enjoyment I derived from listening to it was emotionally based. Over time, I became less angsty, angry and broken hearted and I found that I just couldn’t feel music the way I used to. On the one hand, I knew this was because I was feeling better but part of me couldn’t help but wonder if I wasn’t somehow feeling less, instead. I did begin to enjoy music in a different way, however; I began to enjoy music for its sound and its beats. I developed an appreciation for music which is good to move to but it just wasn’t the same. I felt a little bit like I’d lost a part of myself.

Now that my life has spiraled out of control, I find myself feeling music in a way I hadn’t in years.. but I wish it weren’t the case. I wish I couldn’t feel the lyrics quite so easily. I wish those sentiments didn’t apply to me. Call it a case of not appreciating what you have when you have it. Maybe I was just caught up in thinking the grass was greener in the past-ure (haha, bad joke). So I know it won’t help to repeat that attitude now but I cannot help but feel a tinge of regret.

One comment on “I Second that Emotion”

  1. I love music, I think it is the speach of the soul!!

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