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Feb 26

I like some things.. simple

I’ve had a lot of conversations lately about Facebook. When I first joined, I liked it a lot because you were only adding people you actually knew and sometimes catching up with old friends. It was at a time when everyone was becoming disenchanted with MySpace which had become flooded with fake profiles and spam. Profiles were cluttered with apps when they first came out on MySpace but they were never as easy or fun to use as Facebook. People were adding friends simply to up their numbers and while I liked the idea of friending bands or other non-personal pages, I have simply given up on checking my requests.

At one point, I made my profile private which actually increased the invitations from people, bands and groups in which I had absolutely no interest. I guess because they couldn’t see my information, they couldn’t see how there was absolutely no logical reason for us to be “friends.”

Now, Myspace has new profile layouts which I don’t feel one way or another about. They confuse me because I do not spend enough time on Myspace to be used to them and there’s still so much crap from sparkly banners to trivia and online casino apps and it’s literally not worth combing through the clutter to find the people or things which might interest me.

Anyway, it seems like Facebook, which started out as the anti-MySpace in many ways has simply become the same thing and lost its appeal. I have been using it more since the design change but it’s just as frustrating and useless now.

One comment on “I like some things.. simple”

  1. I at least like the fact that you can filter and hide a lot of things on Facebook and it’s neat and clean and every page has the same layout. On MySpace, you are blasted with music and horrible graphics and bad coding. Ewwwww!

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