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Jan 12

I Hate Teenagers

No, that’s not entirely true but I hate the type with whom I am forced to ride the bus. They’re loud, lude and ignorant. They think they’re cool by being obnoxious. They’re disrespectful and don’t give a crap about anyone else they’re bothering but they are amused by it all.

The boys tried to act cool for the girls who giggle and squeal and squirm all the time because they’re grossed out by everything.

Was I that stupid?

2 comments on “I Hate Teenagers”

  1. You probably were (as was I) but were too oblivious to notice it, like the middle-schoolers you’re talking about now. See, in that certain age, they’re growing and just feel that everything is all about them. I see it firsthand now since my brother is a mere 12 years old and well, he probably does the same thing that you’re talking about now.

    But, luckily, it does get better with time and some high schoolers are actually tolerable.

    And no, you’re not totally alone on hating them.

  2. Ugh, I know what you mean. My sympathies.

    I can honestly say I didn’t do that because I was the dork that all the girls ran to in order to pick something up or move something that was gross. Forever the tomboy.

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