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Aug 25

I feel great!

I really feel awesome right now, you couldn’t believe!

In the past week I’ve made 3 layouts, and 2 of them have been absolutely stunning! Now that I’ve said that, I’m sure there’s people who will disgagree, but that’s okay! I’ve been trying too long to please others. We all know one can’t please everyone. I kept trying and trying, and in the end I wound up unsatisfied. I finally made something up to my standards, it actually made me say “wow”! I’ve realized, I make things for me, and not everyone will like that, but as long as I do it’s okay. I’m not making anything for anyone else anymore.

I love designing and coding. My site is an extension of myself, and if you don’t care to stop I’m certainly not going to miss out.

With this said I’m going to continue coding some layouts, and beating off pony.

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